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Product Information

Sijien (Cashmere Coat)


  • Features the line of the collar. Luxurious traditional textiles layered over the coat’s inner lining are slightly revealed by body movements.
  • Those familiar with Western clothes will find it more comfortable because of its 3D-patterned body design.


Along with the emphasized collar line, the lining made of traditional fabric is slightly exposed when moving.
A western suit pattern is applied to the main body part, presenting comfort and neat.


  • Ingredients :
    - Outside: 80% wool, 20% Gyeon (silk)
    - Lining: 100% silk
  • Component :
    - Customized cashmere long coat
    - shantung silk layered collar, front insert, inner sleeves insert, and ties
    - button details at sleeve
    - black
  • Size : Woman - XS,S,M,L