Frozen Seasoned Capelin Roe (Masago)

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    150G X 30p:  4.5kg/CTN
    500G X 12p:     6kg/CTN
    500G X 20p:   10kg/CTN



    C.K GLOBAL features 5 types of flying fish roes & capelin roes. Flying fish roe (Capelin roe) Gold, which has a natural golden color and various other colors of roes such as Red, Black, Orange, Wasabi. Such colorful roes are processed by adding sweet flavor and pigment to natural roes.


    C.K GLOBAL's roe products can be topped or sprinkled on roe&rice (mix of sashimi, rice and veggie), sushi, makki adding more pleasure to your family dinner table and to mother who prepare lunch box. Flying fish roe has been accepted as a food element that can upgrade the overall quality of culinary dishes even with a simple decoration on them. This foodstuff is not only indispensable to Japanese dishes but also familiar to us as a must-have material to prepare healthy foods for its rich protein and minerals. That's why it has been known as vegetable cheese.


    Part: Roe  

  • Style: Frozen
  • Packaging: Bag, Box
  • Certification: FDA, HACCP
  • Place of Origin: Iceland


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    14 C.K GLOBAL CO., LTD.

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      It is a great honor and exhilarating to meet you customers here online. We have opened a web site to provide kind and detailed guidance on CK Global, seafood business and quality services to customers. We hope this website contributes to customers and individuals who are engaged in seafood business. Since it was established in 1998 as a seafood trader, it has grown to be a predominant market player and now enjoys good reputation of honesty, reliability and quality services We promise that we will exert full efforts to attain two goals of stability and leap on the basis of differentiated competitiveness, which enables us to forecast changes of market and customers, through manpower and global network of related companies and specialists in the 21st Century. We are to a global leader in a seafood business on the basis of honesty & reliability, creativity & innovation, and stability & leap. Always stay with us who will continue to try to be borne again. We would appreciate your continuous attention and kind encouragement for C.K.’s greater leap, and wish you always have happiness and health to you and your family. Thanks.

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