Rikutec Germany Poly IBC, Intermediate Bulk Container

Rikutec Germany Poly IBC, Intermediate Bulk Container

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industrial container, plastic 1t container, high-purity container, ibc tote,
Boats & Ships , Plastic Packaging , Protective Packaging


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South Korea South Korea / 2006
Business type
Product name Rikutec Germany Poly IBC, Intermediate Bulk Container Certification -
Category Boats & Ships
Plastic Packaging
Protective Packaging
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Supply type - HS code 392310

Product Information


RIKUTEC's Poly IBC is made by co-extrusion blow-molding technology which can manufacture multi-layers product.

The most common IBC is made in 1 layer of inner bottle and the steel frame covers around inner bottle, but RIKUTEC's Poly IBC is composed 2 layers-inner bottle and 3 layers-outer box so that perfectly suitable to protect inside compounds and prevent contamination from the outside.

There are different series in RIKUTEC’s IBC - Storage & Transport container named IBC UC (for High purity chemical), IBC UC-S (for Nitric Acid 70% / Ultra-high purity chemical), IBC GR (for general liquid or chemical, medical supplies, cosmetics) and IBC CD (for flammable chemical). And plus, RIKUTEC has been manufacturing other product – called drum (UC & CD) and Conipac (for food, general liquid in storage).



  • 2 layers-inner bottle and 3 layers-outer box

  • 100% High Density Polyethylene

  • UN Approval complied with IMDG Code

  • No metal contamination (No corrosion)

  • Multi-way use (recyclable)

  • Disassemble : Outer box / inner bottle / pallet / cover

    (Possible to purchase each part separately)

  • Pallet-assembled (easy to move by forklift)

  • Key coded QC system - dispensing & filling way




  • IBC UC / UC-S / GR / CD

  • Volume: 1000 Litre (1065 real)

  • L 1200 mm * W 1000 mm * H 1165 mm

  • Weight : Ave. 96 kg


  • UC drum / UC (Heavy-duty) drum / CD drum

  • L-ring design (easy to standing and handling)

  • Volume 200 Litre ( real 204 Litre )

  • Dia. 581 mm * H 955 mm

  • Weight : Ave. 14,5 kg



  • High-volume (1 ton) storage & transport container for chemical

  • Transported by sea (air) in accordance with IMDG Code.

RIKUTEC Germany is the sole company who developed whole blow-molding machine to produce high-volume & multi-layered IBC. Hardly to see the 1 ton of IBC in this field, this is one of the reason chemical manufacturer keep purchase and use this IBC and different feature and function for RIKUTEC’s IBC.







B2B Trade

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Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2006
Business type
Gyuhwa Jang
Rm 1005, ACE Twin Tower 1Cha, 285, Digital-ro, Guro-gu, Seoul, 08381, Korea
Product Category
Architecture Design,Water Treatment,Plastic Packaging,Plastic Product Making Machinery,Solar Energy System
Year Established
No. of Total Employees
Company introduction


Established in 1992, and has been servingfor automotive industry, semiconductor industry, steel industry and renewableenergy industry by supplying related advanced industrial technology, equipmentand products from overseas and starting the development and manufacturing ofthe rainwater harvesting system, underground storage tanks and the rainwatersolar-purification unit since 2013.


Company History

1992.11 Established T&C Korea Co. as aprivate company

2006.02 Established T&C Korea Co., Ltdas a registered corporate 

2012.01 Switching from the trade business tothe manufacturing business

2012.07 Established R&D Center(Research and development of high-tech new material design projects)

2013.07 Completion of water tankproduction facilities and starting production

2015.04 Participation in 7thWorld Water Forum Exhibition in Daegu, Korea

2015.05 Participation in 2015 Seoul WaterEXPO in Seoul, Korea

2015.09 Participation in EXPO Solar 2015in Seoul, Korea

2015.11 Participation in 2015 RenewableEnergy Exhibition in Seoul, Korea

2015.11 Completion of the new own factory

2015.11 Awarded as a venture business by Korea Technology Finance Corporation (KIBO)

2016.03 Participation in 2016 Water Forum in Indonesia

2016.03 Participation in 2016 UN Procurement Plaza in Seoul, Korea

2016.04 Awarded as a member of China Highway Program in Small & medium Business Corporation (Government Agency)

2016.04 Participation in International Organizations Procurement Plaza 2016 in Geneva


Main Business Area


- Plastic Water Tank

- PV rainwater utilization facilities

- Chemical Tank



- Industrial Machines

- Metal Powders

- Special Alloys

- Automotive Parts

- Industrial Packaging

- Anti-counterfeit Hologram


R&D Center

- Industrial Design Development

- Photovoltaic Application FacilityDevelopment




Location: 69, Seongyeon 4-ro, Seongyeon-myeon, Seosan-si, Chung-nam, 31931, Korea


Areas: Building - 960m2 (Land - 5,289m2)


Business Type: Professional, scientific and technical activities/ Manufacturing


Registration date: 2013.07.25




Add.: Rm 1005, ACE Twin Tower 1Cha, 285, Digital-ro, Guro-gu, Seoul, 08381, South Korea

Tel.: +82-2-761-2757

Fax.: +82-2-761-2759

Email: tnckorea@tnckorea.co.kr

Main Markets

China China

Indonesia Indonesia

Cambodia Cambodia

South Korea South Korea

Mongolia Mongolia

Viet Nam Viet Nam

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