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2 Keestar Indsutries Co, Ltd

Country China China

Supplier Grade level2

Response Rate 25%

Main products 335 leather bag sewing machine
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Keestar 204-EP360 sofa sewing machine

Product Information


Keestar 204-EP360 sofa sewing machine


keestar 204-EP360 sofa sewing machine is double/single needle, computerized conrolling decorative stitching sewing unit. It is suitable for sewing shoes, bag, suit case, sofa, fur clothing, jeans cloth, car seat, etc.


    1.  sewing with single needle, sewing width could be adjusted for any size between 1-12mm;
    2.  sewing with double needle, needle gauge could be 8mm, 10mm and 12mm;
    3.  equipped with big size color touch operation screen, 300 different patterns memory.