Anti-theft and auto brake hold

Anti-theft and auto brake hold

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South Korea
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Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2007
Business type
Trading Company
Product name Anti-theft and auto brake hold Certification -
Category Car Alarms Ingredients -
Keyword anti-theft system , anti-theft car , auto hold , brake hold Unit Size 150.0 * 80.0 * 70.0 mm
Brand name H.I MOTORS Unit Weigh 1 kg
origin South Korea Stock -
Supply type - HS code 8531101000

Product Information


Anti-Theft Features

1) HI SAFE&GUARD can be controlled very easy just press the remote control button to activate the anti-theft mode. 2) Even if car doors are opened by force and try to start the car, a louder alarm goes off and the car will not start. 3) HI SAFE&GUARD detects any attempts to start the engine and it protects vehicles by completely restricting

the vehicle with a louder warning alarm despite depressing the brake or accelerator pedal.

4) Once the anti-theft mode is activated with the brake while the car is moving, the auto hold will stop the car

and car will not move no matter how press the accelerator, the vehicle is never move

5) HI SAFE&GUARD is triple security system to protect a vehicle from theft fundamentally

- Door lock and Unlock system

- Anti -theft alarm system

- Start transmitter lock system

6) HI SAFE&GUARD is compatible with a wide range of all Hydraulic brake typed vehicles from Sedan to Truck.

Auto Brake Hold Features

1) Auto hold system responds within 1.5 seconds after pressing the brake pedal

2) The system allows time to free your foot from the brake pedal and the system releases the brakes once

either the brake or accelerator pedal is simply pressed again.

3) Works very safe on up and down hills so no need to use parking brake(Hand brake Works very safe on up

and down hills so no need to use parking brake(Hand brake) and won and won t’ slip.

4) It helps avoid fatigue and while driving for long hours on heavy congested loads.

5) Enjoy upgraded Semi-Auto Transmission from vehicles with manual transmission.

6) To release auto brake hold function, just step on the Brake pedal or accelerator.

7) Upgrade your car to High-CLASS car and enjoy our World’s 1st New Technology

The Advantage in Installing in manual transmission vehicle

1) The manual transmission will be upgraded to semi-automatic transmission.

2) Prevents the unexpected accident incurred from poor driving.

3) prevents the damage of brake system and cable when towing a car.

4) Extends the life span o f each components, it leads to Saving the Money!

5) I SAFE&GUARD helps enjoy safe and comfortable driving.

Comparing of the life span of components


Life span (Km)

Before installation

After installation

Brake lining



Brake oil



Brake master



Wheel cylinder






Disk plate



Trivet disk set



Stick mission



Brake switch



Parking cable




Product Info Attached File

anti theft Eng version final.pdf

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Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2007
Business type
Trading Company
Michael Shin
#391-2, Duk-yi dong, Ilsanseogu, Goyang, Gyeonggi-do, 411-753, S. Korea.
Product Category
Car Accessories,Vehicle Universal Parts
Year Established
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Company introduction

HI-MOTORS has many years of automobile industry experience and makes every efforts to provide you as a customers with the best quality and best service throughout the global market. We are working on OEM, ODM and offer buying agency services for overseas companies through the close cooperative relations with selected companies in Korea and Taiwan who have qualified technologies and experience. We are highly committed to always look after our business partners. Also, we have been maintaining close business relationships with our customers from North America, Europe, Middle East Asia, Middle and South America and have been favorably commented so far. We highly value trust and always aim to achieve a Win-Win situation adding value to your business. We are continuing our business with a clear future vision rather than focusing on today’s profits. The most important goal for us is to serve our customers with the best quality and service at reasonable prices that result in satisfied customers and finally achieve a Win-Win situation.

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