Ionizing Auto Air Nozzle (setting photo sensor)

Ionizing Auto Air Nozzle (setting photo sensor)

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antistatic, esd, ionizing, electrostatic discharge,
Electrical Equipment , Other Fabric , Pneumatic Tools

Two Hands Int'l

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2016
Business type
Trading Company
Product name Ionizing Auto Air Nozzle (setting photo sensor) Certification -
Category Electrical Equipment
Other Fabric
Pneumatic Tools
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Keyword antistatic , esd , ionizing , electrostatic discharge Unit Size 100.0 * 80.0 * 170.0 mm
Brand name ANTISTA Unit Weigh 4 kg
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Product Information

Product Description

The Product is comprised of Auto Nozzle, Photo Sensor, Bellows and High Pressure Generator. It is easily installed at any place including the automated production lines, assembly lines, mobile LCD optical lens lines and injection film lines. The Product is not only removes electrostatic, but also dust at the same time. In particular, the Photo Sensor attached to the Nozzle Head detects objects to spray air or ion automatically thereto for enhanced user convenience.


Application and Effect

  1. Removing electrostatic and dust from plastic and injection products;

  2. Removing electrostatic and foreign materials from electronic products and precision optical devices;

  3. Removing electrostatic and foreign materials from LCD and display products;

  4. Removing electrostatic and foreign materials from mobile parts;

  5. Removing electrostatic from precision and electronic products, and PCB;

  6. Removing electrostatic and foreign materials before printing


Method of Use

  1. Power the Auto Nozzle. (AC220V)

  2. Connect the air hose (Ø8).

  3. Fix the position by moving the Bellows up or down. (DO NOT turn 360o as it may cause breakdown.)

  4. Turn on the power switch and place a part in front of the Nozzle. The Sensor will detect the part and start spraying it with ion and air to remove electrostatic and foreign materials. 

  5. As air is sprayed, electrostatic is instantly removed.

  6. The sensing distance can be adjusted within the range of 50mm ~ 300mm.

(To be adjusted at the center of the Sensor.)



  1. Clean and remove, periodically (once a week), foreign materials from the ion needle on the Nozzle to prevent deterioration.

  2. Wet the cotton buds or brush with alcohol to clean the needle.

  3. Turn power OFF when cleaning the ion needle. (be aware of high voltage)

  4. Do not get the ion needle in contact with metallic objects. 

  5. Do NOT adjust the ion balance as it may jeopardize the ion balance. (It is factory set, and it does not need to be adjusted.)



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Two Hands Int'l

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2016
Business type
Trading Company
Henry Kang
Product Category
Food Agents,Medical Devices,Earphones & Headphones,Other Fabric
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Company introduction


We, Two Hands International, Who are the professional international trade company in South Korea, was founded in 12.APR.2016.

Executives is composed of experts from each field, Slogan for the Healthy and Safety of Mankind is that we will do business to provide deep impression to an end user.

One of the our servie is Food Service, We are handling trady food with health mind

as follows.

Health Food Item

- Hydrogen Water

- Aronia Juice / Powder (freeze-drying )

- Vegan ice Cream ( No gluten,No Egg, No Milk.) ) Only rice + vegetable ingrement

Frozen Sea Food

- Sea Cucumber ( frozen/Dried )

- Mackerel 

  1. Frozen Low-salted Type

  2. Frozen instant roasted  Type (No cook, only microwave)

- Frozen Stuffed Squid  


We are,


We, Two Hands provides brand value by involving ourselves in areas of development that most trading service companies wouldn`t consider


We are outsourcing most of the food processing[manufacturing process]and making our brand “Soo&Soo” by cooperation factory.

Great[good] Company

Two Hands International will share partner's load allowing partner for more efficient business. Business is only human, after all.


Main Markets

Australia Australia

China China

Hong Kong(China) Hong Kong(China)

India India

Japan Japan

Malaysia Malaysia

Thailand Thailand

Taiwan Taiwan


Viet Nam Viet Nam

Factory Information

Sea cucumber Processing Factory,

Chung hae processing Factory

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