Epoxy resin SEC-300R / SEC-300H

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    Category Epoxy Adhesives
    Flooring & Accessories
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    SEC300R/H is composed of epoxy resin and cycloaliphatic modified amine hardner with
    a 2-liquid epoxy clear floor coating products. It has excellent creating a high class ambience
    when apply to floor surface, transparency and gloss is of quite a high quality.




    Flooring coating for interior design, The school corridors flooring, Machine room, Electrical room,
    Flooring of parking place and all that sort of things.



    *General Characteristics
    -Usability is far superior in low viscosity type.
    -Transparency and gloss is of quite a high quality.
    -excellent chemical resistance.
    -Low yellowing epoxy type.


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      South Korea South Korea
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      Wol-Ha, Kim

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      #504, S/W Venture Tower, 117, Dongbuk-ro, Buk-gu, Daegu 41519 South Korea

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      Epoxy Adhesives,EPDM,Polyurethane Rubber,Flooring & Accessories,Waterproofing Materials

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      We, STARKEMER knew that almost of contractors needs suitable materials for their project with high-performance and reduce costs effectiveness now under unstable economy flow in the world.
      In response to their needs, The STARKEMER producing skillful construction chemical materials and support high technical solutions to all contractors and distributors in field of Waterproofing, Flooring, Grouting and repair all structures project.
      STARKEMER promise reward you with best products and services to your heart's content base on our full experience over 20years as we were one of best builder in Korea construction industry.


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