Electric comb for hair dyeing

Electric comb for hair dyeing

This product has been developed in order to innovate the hair dyeing method and to improve the existing dyeing method.

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hair dressing, hair dyeing, electric comb
Hair Dye , Hair Combs
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Hair Friend Co., Ltd.

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2006
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Product name Electric comb for hair dyeing Certification -
Category Hair Dye
Hair Combs
Ingredients -
Keyword hair dressing , hair dyeing , electric comb Unit Size 165.0 * 55.0 * 280.0 mm
Brand name MONDGLAC Unit Weigh 340 g
origin South Korea Stock 1000
Supply type OEM HS code 8543702020

Product Information

Electric comb for hair dyeing


This electric comb for hair dyeing which combines a small-size reduced motor, modern mechanism with our traditional fine tooth bamboo comb and combines a double in the model of an inverted triangle, as a combined apparatus is a machine that doesn’t contact scalp or skin & hand etc caused by not flowing down to outside by the spouting of colorant between double teeth of comb without contacting scalp as colorant spouts in scalp 5mm top into the end of inside tooth between fine double teeth pushing up the colorant to the comb to mix the colorant and developer(oxidizer) caused by the motor rotation only if user fits it to the outside container after squeezing a proper afit of colorant and developer as much as user needs to the inside container regardless of any brand among cream type or jelly type user prefers and push the button and comb, dyes evenly without sticking together due to fine tooth comb. Also, it is a convenient and efficient product of which the suitable teeth of a comb user selects and fits depending on thin, short, long , thin/thick-haired hair form and even himself/herself can dye hair wholly or partly or to the inside hair, awarding a gold medal(chairman prize of invention promotion association) in the enterprise sector of idea invention contest of Jeju province in 2012 and being a revolution product that finished registering a patent in 2013.


  1. Product name: MONDGLAC
  2. Color: black
  3. Material: ABS, PP, POM etc.
  4. Size: 48X60X48mm
  5. Weight: 330g
  6. Power: Battery AAA x 2
  7. Set composition: body, inside container2, teeth of comb+1,cleaning brush1, batteryAAAx2
  8. Country of origin: Made in Korea
  9. Authentication certificate: Korea patent. Awarded a gold medal(chairman prize of invention promotion association) in the enterprise sector of idea invention contest of Jeju province in 2012.


Inject colorant and developer adjusting the scale as much as needed depending on the hair length.Reverse rotate pressurizing member with up down button and clean after detaching to original position.


  • As colorant can flow down to the outside if you push the button long when dyeing, push the button little by little to use.
  • Before dyeing after dyeing preparation, check if the bottom switch is up or not without fail.
  • As colorant stained on the spouting hole of top inside after using is hardened and can block, clean it immediately.


1)If dyeing preparation is finished, check once again if the product is properly fitted.
2)Check if the bottom switch is up or not.
3)Push the button and wait until colorant is spouted in the inside comb of the outside comb inside.
4)If colorant is spouted, push the button little by little and brush from the part having much of white hair such as new hair or sideburns.
5)Adjust by the button in order for colorant not to flow down and brush evenly up down left right.
6)After brushing the whole hair well, dye the controlled part such as newly haired part or sideburns or the part that colorant is not dyed well with finish brush.
7)Harden(leave) after dyeing for a proper time. As dyeing time can be different depending on the brand of dye colorant, observe ‘hardening time after dyeing’ indicated on the user’s guide of colorant.
8)If dyeing time is finished, rinse with tepid water until colorant is not flown and shampoo.



Colorant spouts to the spouting hole through the passage of the top body and spouts to the end of double teeth of comb.

It can dye the white hair of front hair root side with one time brush conveniently and exchange the teeth of comb for long hair or short hair.

It is a semi-permanent product that applied the theory of fine-tooth bamboo comb, valuable heritage of ancestors.

It doesn’t flow down the colorant and dyes evenly without stain from the outside to inside hair.



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Hair Friend Co., Ltd.

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2006
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Ko Hee Suk
#101 Daewon Villa 2329-1, Yeon-dong, Jeju-si, Jeju-do, Korea
Product Category
Brush,Hair Brush,Hair Dye
Year Established
Company introduction
Hair Friend Corporation develops its high-end technology, superior quality and service including convenience, efficiency applying to our traditional fine-tooth comb and beautiful design inspired by the graceful figure of a woman who is combing her hair.

It will also implement research and development in order to meet the needs of customers and seek overseas expansion.

It will be certain to create a bright and sound corporate culture and high-quality products through honest and clean management as a small but capable company to attract the utmost interest from customers.

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