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moringa seed
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Indian Moringa seeds are used for cultivation and oil extraction. The best Seed Indian Moringa Oleifera PKM1.

We are also engaged in manufacturing & supplying of indian moringa seeds. We offer these seeds which are used for cultivation and oil extraction and also for agricultural and Industrial purposes. They are also used in plantation specifically the moringa seeds like PMK1 and PMK2. Our team of quality controllers is apt in grading and separating the seeds so as to ensure the best quality of then seeds. And we offer these at very cost effective prices.
Indian Moringa seeds are used for cultivation and oil extraction. The best Seed Indian Moringa Oleifera PKM1.
Indian Moringa PKM1 hydride seed contain highest nutrient.

Moringa Seeds:
Seeds have 30 - 40% Oil and a High Protein content
Seeds can make a highly nutritious feed meal
Indian Moringa Seed Oil can be used to make Biodiesel
Indian Moringa Seed Oil resists rancidity, is highly stable and is very sort after in the cosmetics industry
Indian Moringa Seed Oil is used as a lubricant for fine machinery
Ground Moringa Seed Powder is an excellent water purifier removing 99% of all bacteria, algae and sediment from Water
SVM EXPORTS mature seed is about 40% oil. Indian Moringa oil is of excellent quality (73% oleic acid, similar to olive oil) for cooking. Sold for many years as "ben oil," it is used in cooking and perfumes and has been used as a watch lubrication, but was replaced long ago by sperm oil. It can be used for making soap and is also excellent to burn for light. The oil is slow to become rancid. The species, M. peregrina, from the Red Sea area reportedly produces very good oil.
Used for their antibiotic and anti-inflammatory properties to treat arthritis,rheumatism, gout, cramp, sexually transmitted diseases and boils. The seeds are roasted, pounded, mixed with coconut oil and applied to the problem area. Seed oil can be used for the same ailments.
Roasted seeds and oil can encourage urination.
They can also be used as a relaxant for epilepsy.
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