GPS receiver module

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rf antenna, gps antennas, quartz oscillator, gps receiver module,
Filters , Oscillators , Other Active Components , Antennas for Communications , Telecom Parts

6 YueChung Int'l Corp.


Taiwan Taiwan

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Category Filters
Other Active Components
Antennas for Communications
Telecom Parts
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Our Products Range: 1.Frequency Control Products --
                            Quartz Crystal Unit, Crystal Clock Oscillator, VCXO, TCXO, VCTCXO, OCXO, Ceramic Resonator, Ceramic Filter, RTC Real Time Clock,
 SAW Resonator , SAW Filter , MCF Monolithic Crystal Filter, Discriminator .

2.GPS/GNSS & RF Microwave Products --
                                  GPS/GNSS Receiver Modules (Engine Board), GPS/GNSS Antenna Modules, GPS/GNSS Receivers (G-MOUSE),GPS/Chip/RF Antennas.

International Certification: ISO-9001 : 2008 , ISO-14001 : 2004 , D&B Duns


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6 YueChung Int'l Corp.

  • Country

    Taiwan Taiwan
  • Supplier Activity

  • President

    Mr. Kenneth Ferng

  • Product Category

    Filters,Oscillators,Antennas for Communications,Telecom Parts,Other Telecommunications Equipment

  • Year Established


  • Company introduction

    YIC founded in 1994,  is a professional manufacturer of Frequency Control & GPS / RF Products, is a supervisor member of QIAT(Quartz Industries Association of Taiwan), investor PANRAM is Listed on Taiwan Stock Exchange, stock#8088, We devoted to the research, design, manufacture and marketing of Frequency Control Products, as well as GPS/GNSS Receiver Modules,GPS/GNSS Receivers (G-Mouse) & GPS / RF Antennas.  

    Our factory is located at  Yantai China, with ground area 8,602m2,floor area 18,114m2, ISO-9001/14001 certification, produce 150 Million pcs frequency components annually.  We are one of few factories in the world with processes started from cutting Quartz crystal  Y,Z bar.  The company headquarter is in Taiwan, with branches Shenzhen China .  Also the authorized distributors & representatives are around the world.

    We are capable to provide the best qualities and services with reasonable price and the shortest lead-time.  Our goal is to perform competitive customers, to become long-term win-win cooperation. And to get 100% confidence of support and service capability of YIC's Frequency Control Products & GPS/ RF Products related technology & applications. YIC submit free of charge for customers oscillation circuit adjustment within 48 hours.  In additional, welcome for customizing ODM requests, we support customer’s differential designs to develop the niche products. 

  • Main Product
    • GPS receiver module-without antenna

      GPS receiver module

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