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Flexi Plus
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ORUM International

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South Korea South Korea / 2016
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Trading Company
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Product Information

The ultimate quality product of TR frame, using 100% pure TR material from EMS.


Brand Name : Flexi Plus

Material : 100% Pure TR

Colored by Injection, Shiny by Coating.

Fronts : total 10 kinds.

Colors : total 14 colors in Mat, and 14  colors in shiny.

Country of Origin : South Korea.


The benefits of Flexi Plus are as below.

1. By using pure TR for Flexi Plus, it keeps the extremely high level of flexibility, tension, endurance, heat resistance and cut resistance as well. 


2. Due to injection method, all colors are even inside and outside for all Flexi Plus series. So color won't fade out for a long time.

2-1. Flexi Plus has very high level of Cut resistance, and even in case of scratch on surface it isn't seen easily.

3. Double angle style of nose pad can breakup the pressure on nose. This makes users very comfortable.

4.In order to preventing counterfeit of Flexi Plus, 'Made in Korea' and 'Flexi Plus' are slightly carved temples itself.

5. toal 10 kinds of fronts and 28(14colors in mat and shiny) kinds of colors can meet all kinds of customers needs.


You can see more information on Youtube, by searching 'Flexi Plus'






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ORUM International

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2016
Business type
Trading Company


Tonny Kim
762-25, Sankyeok 1 Dong, Buk-gu, Daegu, Korea
Product Category
Eyeglasses Frames,Sports Eyewear,Sunglasses
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Company introduction

Thank you for your concerning on us. 

We are one of the best Eyewear manufacuturers and distributor in Daegu, Korea.


Speciallized on Otical frames in various material such as Injection, Titanium, Stainless steel, Shape Memory Alloy and so on.


We not noly able to provide sample / small order for certain model, and also accept OEM.


The best value for us is to satisfy our customers from bottom of your heart.

As far as eyewear concerns, don't hesitate to contact and ask us.

We are always open to you!


Thank you very much!


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