LC-20 Household Air water generator

LC-20 Household Air water generator

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lc-20 household air water generator,
Printing Machines
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ruian liancheng machinery factory

Country / Year Established
China China / 1984
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Product Information


Air Water Generator machines - water maker from no water source

This machine is an advanced drinking water equipment used in home and office.

Suit for :homes, offices, hotels, restaurants, ships, holiday homes, hospitals, construction sites, mines, offshore drilling platforms, livestock and poultry farms, etc. , especially for disaster places which is in the lack of clean drinking water. It can offer the drink water meanwhile it can also clean and dry air, making the home environment more healthy.

3 in 1: air water generating, water purification and water dispenser.

Advantage:compact structure,, reasonable design,, simple operation,user-friendly design

This machine controlled by microcomputer system to ensure the machine parts work properly. With internal anti-dry,filtration system protection function, stop working when the machine filtration system fails.

This machine is equipped with an ultraviolet disinfection system to ensure elimination of the water bacteria and microorganisms completely.

The main parts are made of high quality to guarantee the machine work reliability

Filtration system uses mold set design, more convenient for the filter replaced and maintenance of machine

Product descripton:
1.air water machine take advantage of air humidity to extract the moisture, provide cold water comply with the drinking standard
2.with the air filter to absorb airborne bacteria,oils,harmful gaseous substances and fine particles, and stop them into the device
3.with internal water treatment system,multi-steps activated carbon mineralization process for collected water to improve water taste and increase water minerals. To make the water components basically consistent with drinking bottled mineral water
4.with internal multi-channel ultraviolet disinfaction to ensure safe water quality
5.machine internal auto controlled by microcomputer, more accurate and safe
7.equipped with multifunctional facilities, you can use the running water for drinking when the humidity is very low or water made by machine is very low
8.with the internal cooling system to ensure the temperature is 5-10 degree for drinking
9.absorb the moisture from the air, it can reduce the air humidity, with the dehumidification funciton
Transform air into pure water without resort to any water source with vfd indication,show the temperature,humidity of the curent enviroment 

Technical data: 

Production capacity:20L/24hr

Condition:T:15-32℃ RH:40-95%

Power supply: 220V/50Hz,110V/60Hz

Rated input(generation water):


Heating capacity:5L/H

Rated input(heating):500W

Cooling capacity:2L/H

Storage capacity: 12,4 Lt day

Rated input(cooling):80W(when made with two compressors)

Filter system:PP+CTO+RO+T33+UV

Packing size:41 * 38 * 117CM

Qty(20’/40):162/ 332 units

N.W:45Kg.  G.W:50Kg


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ruian liancheng machinery factory

Country / Year Established
China China / 1984
Business type


sales manager
342-2, Zhongzhou Village, Feiyun Town ruian city
Product Category
Printing Machines
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Company introduction


since 1984:Quality of survival,credibility and development,honesty for a century enterprises and brand
would rather explain the price for a while,than apology for the quality for a life!
As years professional factory, the cooperated clients all know the machines from us are with quality. but a lot of new customers attracted by our machines, and after an enquiry,would say it was costly and asked why, every day there were several clients would like to do it, then i would explain it patiently for the cost and the standard
Many customers think: the surface is similar, price is the king. In fact,it is a misconception. if your equipment have fault two days in three days, i think they would be lessons learned. I have two case as following,hope you can learn from them
Case one:andee from the ca,he got the machine from wenzhou with very cheap price, after he visited the factory and checked the machine working, the result not as he would like, he would like to cancel the order, but the supplier refused it, so he must buy it, and now this machine have many fault, need the engineer offer the oversea service
Case two:amir from egypt,he got the machine from jiaxing, at last he should reback the machine, and visit the china for the repair, notice:any products rebacked will be changed into the imported items
we cannot give you the lowest price, but the high quality! if we intend to get a better profit, we can cut down the cost for the fast selling, but it will lost our promise.  we will not betray our future for the short-term benefit. we adhere to strive more and more customers to be recognized and the supported.
You are cordially invited to visit our company at your convenience to make a comparasion.u must be smart for more guarantee machine. no worried aftersale.  we hope our user are the forward-looking person. time will prove quality is existing. 


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