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antiaging, jeju, moisture, skin elasticity,
Skin Care Serum


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South Korea South Korea / 2010
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Product name Skin care WATER VOLUME HYDROGEL MIST Certification -
Category Skin Care Serum Ingredients -
Keyword antiaging , jeju , moisture , skin elasticity Unit Size 4.0 * 14.0 * 4.0 cm
Brand name ARIESYS Unit Weigh 90 g
origin South Korea Stock -
Supply type - HS code 330499

Product Information


Premium Jeju-island aloe & collagen mist which reduces stress and adds moisture, elasticity, and vitality to dry and fatigued skin. 


Contains 99% Jeju aloe, which holds the freshness of the clean Jeju area

-This product is a moisturizing essence mist that protects skin from dry environments and adds fresh moisture.
-3D moisture and elasticity booster - use anywhere at any time
-- The hydrogel texture, which is consisted of moisture and collagen, is sprayed in the form of ultrafine mist, thoroughly covering all areas. Absorbs comfortably (collagen extract: 5,000ppm) to create smooth and vital skin.
-Dry skin is more sensitive than normal, has lower elasticity, and thicker dead skin cells. "Moisture & Elasticity" are the keywords when it comes to "younger skin."


Even if there are no visual elasticity problems right now, the skin elasticity structure starts to come down from the 20s. In order to maintain the heallth of the elasticity structure of collagen and elastine inside the skin, we strengthened the functions that help improve skin density and reduce skin stress.


Three-time winner of the UNESCO Award
Contains 99% Jeju aloe, which holds the genuine freshness of the clean Jeju Islands
The Jeju aloe, which grows in the clean and healthy lands of Jeju Islands with volcano rock-water, contains sufficient mineral and quickly soothes the skin!


Volume Up Collagen
70% of the dermal layer is consisted of collagen, which helps maintain skin elasticity and present genuine skin volume.
* Starting from the 20s, the amount of collagen decreases and leads to lower elasticity. Then from the 40s, the amount of collagen decreases more and more, generating various skin trouble.




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Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2010
Business type
In-ha Seo
#402 sancheondandong -gil 16 , Jeju-si, Jeju-do, Korea
Product Category
Facial Care
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Company introduction


SUHYEON CO.,LTD was established in 2010 and has started the Cosmetic production from ARIESYS brand. We've developed 40 product line as a result of constant research and customer needs analysis. 


『ARIESYS focusing on developing skincare product what customers really want , using natural and reliable ingredients..

ARIESYSconstantly striving to satisfy the customer's demands, taking advantage of clean jeju image and natural ingredients.

ARIESYS』 always  be with customers running various distributor channels to lead a healthy and beautiful life style.





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