Atten ST-80 LCD display digital soldering station 80W Solder station

Atten ST-80 LCD display digital soldering station 80W Solder station

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Vippro Tech co.,ltd

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China China / 2005
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Product Information


Atten ST-80 is the new 80W intelligent digital soldering station, Atten ST-80 is LCD display Premium Intelligent Soldering. ATTEN ST-80 Solder station is more economical due it high preformance and new features.

Atten ST-80 LCD display digital soldering station 80W

Atten ST-80 is a newly designed, more intelligent, more reliable, more economical and more convenient digital small size soldering station with 80W heating element for temperatures of 150 - 480 °C.

Special Features:

    Brand new design and LCD display screen to display various setting parameters
    Smart recognition for working and non-working status
    Intelligent cooling and temperature recovery
    Automatic standby, shutdown to ensure personal and property safety which also can extend product life
    3 keys to store and retrieve frequently used temperature values quickly
    Low-voltage power supply used on the heater, anti-static, no creepage, no interference
    Unique temperature locking devices to prevent from adjusting the temperature improperly
    Temperature 150 - 480 °C, stable and accurate, 80 W heating power
    Same as the soldering tips of international brand, optional soldering tips according to the different working conditions of users

Technical Specifications:

Voltage     AC(100V/110V/120V||220V/230V/240V) 50/60Hz(Optional)
Power:     80W
Heater voltage:     28VAC
Temperature range:     150-480°C/302-896°F
 Temperature offset range:     ±50°C/±90°F
Temperature accuracy:     ±10°C
Temperature stability:     ±2°C(in still air, no load)
Automatic stand-by time:     1-120 minutes
Standby temperature:     150°C
Automatic shutdown time:     1-120 minutes
Temperature adjustment:     5 digits (Default)/1 digit (Fine-tuning)
Heater:     High end quad-wire heater
Temperature lock:     Yes
Touchtone:     Yes
Tip-to-ground impedance:     < 2 Ω
Tip-to-ground voltage:     <2 mV
Dimensions:     175(L)*115(w)*95(H) mm
Operative tips:     900M series tips(Appendix)

Package list:

Atten ST-80 station, soldering iron, iron holder, power cable and user manual


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Vippro Tech co.,ltd

Country / Year Established
China China / 2005
Business type
Trading Company


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