Powder Coating Barium Sulfate for Promotion

Powder Coating Barium Sulfate for Promotion

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Yantai Yuanli Corp

Country / Year Established
China China / 1988
Business type
Trading Company
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Product Information



Powder Coating Barium Sulfate for Promotion


1.Product Description


NEWFILL-0201, fine is precipitated barium sulphate with a defined particle size from highly purified solutions of barium salts to sodium sulfate. NEWFILL-0201, fine has all the characteristics of remarkable technological value (brightness, fineness, oil absorption, dispensability, high pvc, aging resistance, low abrasiveness ect). NEWFILL-0201Super fine is free of impurities such as quartzes etc.


These products can be used for powder coatings, industrial paints, enamels, printing ink and plastically materials, and photosensitive papers, can be used quite successfully in adhesives, coatings and sealants.


2. Product Specification



Appearance                     White powder

Barium Sulfate (%)             ≥ 98%

Whiteness:                       ≥97±0.5

Total Iron (%)                      ≤0.006

Brightness (%)                  >97.0

Sulfide Content (%)           <0.005

Oil Absorption (g oil/100g)     ≤15±2

Moisture (%)                       ≤0.15

Dispensability                    Good

Residual (g/kg)                   0

Fake (g/cm³)                    2.2±0.2

sp.m/g                                 27000±500

PH value                           7.5±1

Real (g.cm³)                        4.4

Average particle size (µm)    ≤ 0.8±0.1




3.Our Bag & Samples 


25kg paper bags with internal value on pallets of 1.2MT.

Shelf life: One year in dry and well-ventilated condition bellow30℃.

Free samples are available for customers’ need.



4.Our Factory 

Established in 1988. We are a comprehensive company that focus on  powder coating raw material for worldwide customers. 

A subdivision of YUANLI GROUP, Yuanli Corp, as a leading supplier of powder coating raw material, supplies NEW series of raw material with strong support in Know-how, Technology, Turn-key Project and Formulation. With high quality and a reasonable price, our products have gained popularity among customers. As a result, Yuanli's products have been exported to many overseas countries such as, Italy, Turkey, Iran, Thailand, Egypt, Malaysia, Czech, Poland, Russia, USA etc.


5.Our Certificate


CE Certificate

CE Certificate authorized by APRAGAZ Inspecting Authority from Belgium


Sira Certification Service

The Quality Management System of Yantai Yuanli Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has been assessed by Sira Certification Service and found to comply with GB/T19001-2008 idt ISO9001:2008 for the Design, manufacturer and sales of electrostatic power production equipment.


6.Our Exhibitions and Shows

Our company attended several famous exhibitions and shows such as Chinacoats, European Coating Show, PaintIndia, Middle East Coatings Show, Turkcoat&PaintIstanbul and so on.


-If you have any comments about our product ,please contact us and we are glad to help you. We sincerely welcome customers from all over the world come to visit and negotiate with us. Thank you so much!

Contact information

Skype: WillowQin


Tel:+0086 13021616252

Whats app:+0086 13021616252




B2B Trade

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Yantai Yuanli Corp

Country / Year Established
China China / 1988
Business type
Trading Company


Product Category
Coating Suppliles
Year Established
Company introduction


As a first and pioneer powder coating machinery manufacturer in China, Yantai Yuanli Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was founded in 1988 with the following ability:

-13000m2 of factory; 5500 m2 of workshop

-Advance NC and CNC machine shop; High qualified employees

-More than 10,000 complete lines have been supplied to China domestic market

-More than 100 complete lines have been exported to USA, Germany, UK,

Turkey, Iran, India, Pakistan, Malaysia, Poland, Vietnam, Italy, etc.

-The supplier of very famous brand powder coating producer in China

-ISO 9001:2008,CE standard


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