Hydraulic Cylinders, Front Loader

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agricultual, cylinder, front loader, hydraulic actuators,
Agriculture Machines , Other Hydraulics Tools

14 Shinmyong Hydraulic Cylinders Co., Ltd.

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    Other Hydraulics Tools
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    SHC hasmorethan 25 years of experience of cylinder manufacturing

    know-how and has been supplying high quality product to customers

    all over the world.


    1) Response and development of custom-made products from customers!

    2) Comply with the customer's delivery date !

    3) Cylinder manufacturing know-how for over 25 years and efficient process!

    4) Securing reliability through systematic quality management !


     * Product may vary depending on the options and diffrerences among equipments.


     * OEM product can be mannufactured by buyer's requirement.

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    14 Shinmyong Hydraulic Cylinders Co., Ltd.

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      South Korea South Korea
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      Jeongwang-dong, Siheung-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

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      Other Chemicals,Other Bearings

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      Shin Myong's no.1 priority is quality in products and service. Shin Myong will never stop pursuing its ultimate goal: 100% customer satisfaction. Welcome to Shin Myong's website. Shin Myong Hydraulic Cylinders, Co., Ltd is a professional hydraulic cylinder manufacturer of agricultural, industrial and special-purpose cylinders.

      Shin Myong's cylinders are produced with our highest technology and experience, and by the latest automated system. We are proud of our agricultural cylinders and that their quality has helped us to achieve a 70% share of the Korean market . We are also proud that our products have been recognized by foreign markets and have been making good business results in various foreign countries including America, Australia and Japan. With our customers' great support, Shin Myong became a corporation in January 2006, and we have expanded and moved our headquarters and factory to Siheung Wolgot to make a brand new start.

      We promise our customers that we will never stop investing in the latest technologies and newest equipments, so that we can continuously provide them with high-quality products. We also promise that we will do our best to provide our customers with fast delivery times, reasonable costs and high-quality customer service.

    • Main Product
      • Hydraulic Cylinders for Crane

        Hydraulic Cylinders for Crane

      • Hydraulic Cylinders

        Hydraulic Cylinders, Front Loader

      • Hydraulic Cylinders for Agricultural Machinery_ SKIDLOADER

        Hydraulic Cylinders for Agricultural Machinery, SKIDLOADER

      • Hydraulic Cylinders_ Quick Coupler

        Hydraulic Cylinders, Quick Coupler

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