Anti-bacterial anti-fog film(for goggles, LG origin)

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South Korea
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Xetra® AF-GWB1.7
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anti-bacteria, goggle, anti-fog, specialty films
Training & Jogging Wear , Swimming , Ski & Snowboard , Safety Goggles
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Yong Gwang ETS

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2011
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Product name Anti-bacterial anti-fog film(for goggles, LG origin) Certification -
Category Training & Jogging Wear
Ski & Snowboard
Safety Goggles
Ingredients -
Keyword anti-bacteria , goggle , anti-fog , specialty films Unit Size -
Brand name Xetra® AF-GWB1.7 Unit Weigh -
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Product Information


Main Use

     It prevents fogging inside of goggles or swimming goggles to be attached in side of that when running, skiing or swimming and gives users comfort and safety. 



     The spray type anti-fog products for swimming goggles that a surface active agent is generally used are of bad anti-fog performance and non-durable. An anti-fog film coated goggles are also expensive, but they don’t permanently perform well from scratching.

     However, LG origin, YGETS Xetra® AF-GWB1.7 is removable and its anti-fog performance maintain more than 15 days in case the anti-fog film is attached. It can be easily replaced at low price, when it is of bad performance. And what’s more, the film can protect the lens surface.   


Special Features

     1. An outstanding anti-fog performance

     2. Anti-bacterial activity of 99.9% certified by US FDA

     3. High transparency over 91%

     4. A low level of haze under 0.5%

     5. A remarkable efficiency, 30% lower price of existing goods

     6. No pernicious ingredients certified by SGS and US FDA





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Yong Gwang ETS

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2011
Business type



Jung Youn Chul
Wontong-ro 142(Buck-maen), Inje-gun, Gangwon-do, KOREA
Product Category
Computer Hardware & Software,Other Computer Accessories,Screen Protectors
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Company introduction

YGETS Korea which was set up in Kyunggi province, South Korea provides all over the world several kinds of films based on photocatalyst, microlouver and adhesive coating technology that is developed on its own.

Today a few basic techniques including light catalyst, micro-louver and anti-fog have developed for a long time and are the ones that we can easily find near us. However the techniques have quite a few problems that still need to be improved, that is, limited deals in the business to business market under a high priced condition as well as price bubbles caused by big margin of the related companies because their field is completely unfamiliar to their customers. Contrary to the growing customers’ needs, after all, not only are the products slow to spread out but the development of techniques are hampered due to lack of feedback from the customers.

Our YGETS has entrusted with an extremely important mission to satisfy unfulfilled customer needs and to contribute to popularization of these applied products by removing the price bubble to commercialize the core technology through the innovative manufacturing system. To accomplish our mission we fulfill all the conditions such as core techniques, manufacturing system and facilities.

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Australia Australia

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Thailand Thailand

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