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bathroom accesories, washing & shower, toilet accessories, washing basin,
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    Product Name: Washing Basin - M


    Product Code: NE3138


    Price&Moq: TBD


    CBM/CTN: 0.097 / 40pcs


    Size: Φ355x115


    Material: P.P, PVC


    Barcode: 880914137 9424


    ***contact us at any time for more of information***



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    14 NEEDCO

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      South Korea South Korea
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      Other Plastic Products

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      We have been leading manufacture in Kitchenware, Household-ware, and batthroom-ware for long period of time in Korea, and our goal is to provide our customers full satisfaction and convienice in a way that our customers feel that we, Needco company is fullfilling each of customer's own needs in daily life-style.


      In order to keep pushing our goal, we always develop our product in respect to nature-friendly, and with fair price and good cost assumptions so that our customer can able to think the products are getting provided in best way 


      Please give us full attention and cheers where we are looking for spreading our market sector to overseas more respectively 


      Thank you 



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