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    Bamboo Salt History

    Deep in Myohyangsan Mountain of Korea in 1926, Kim Ilhoon invented bamboo salt that was roasted nine times, which is the same as the manufacturing method of Ocksujung. He acquired a clue from the manufacturing method of medicinal salt that was passed down from generation to generation and developed the current bamboo salt through his in-depth research and development. He is known as a famous doctor who surpasses Chinese medicinal sages Hua Tuo or Bian Que.

    Ms. Kim Yunock, his loving only daughter, is the founder of our company. She made her best efforts and overcame a lot of difficulties to launch bamboo salt that is hard like a diamond with a cross section shining like the Milky Way, which is the best quality of bamboo salt that had been passed down from her father.

    Finally, she has launched the bamboo salt like a bright gem with high purity and the best quality while maintaining the traditional manufacturing method. It has shaken the entire bamboo salt industry. The bamboo salt was named "Ocksujung" following her name based on an insight of Kim Ilhoon, who said, "Salt is a crystal." (sujung or sujeong means crystal in Korean.)




    Bamboo Salt Classic shows the utmost innovation focused on its legitimacy to commemorate the 90-year history of bamboo salt in Korea. Bamboo Salt Classic, a symbolic salt product of Ocksujung, is the best product in which the spirit and know-how of Ocksujung converge. The purity, crystals and hardness of this product meet the quality level for bamboo salt that is ultimately aimed for.

    Regardless of your purpose, cooking or health, you will experience the value of this "gem" with all your senses. There is nothing better than Ocksujung. Please keep defending privileges that are given to the minority only.



    The Most Symbolic Design of Ocksujung

    Bamboo Salt Classic provides a unique design that realizes the symbolism of bamboo salt. The bamboo joint-shaped glass container, which was manufactured by hand by a glass blower, has both beauty and a practical function. The diagonal lines, our company's own pattern, not only express the characteristics that can be observed in high quality bamboo salt crystals which went through heat treatment at high temperature, but also create the effect of maintaining gloss. On the cap of the bottle, the sensuous logo of Ocksujung is embossed. No components or mechanism can impair the identity of Ocksujung.




    Food Type: Burned and Molten Salt

    Manufacturer and Seller: Korea Bamboo Salt Corp.

    Manufacturing Country: South Korea

    Expiration: Omitted

    100g,110g / 1 SET

    Ingredients: Bay Salt 100% (Korean)

    Nutrient: Calories 0, Fat Cal. 0, Total Fat 0g (0% DV), Sat. Fat 0g (0% DV), Cholest. 0mg (0% DV), Sodium 222mg (11.1% DV), Total Carb. 0g (0% DV), Fiber 0g (0% DV), Protein 0g

    Genetically Modified Organism Labeling: N/A

    Preliminary Review of Advertising and Possibility of Side Effects for Infant Dietary or Weight-control Food Labeling: N/A

    Quality Assurance Standards:We follow the relevant laws and consumer dispute resolution standards.



    Use Method

    Ocksujung Bamboo Salt Classic can be used freely without regard to any prejudice about usage. Please savor the special taste of salt a little whenever you want. At first, a special saltiness, which does not have the sharpness of other salt due to melting in strong flame, sends a signal like touching the tongue. And then sulfuric scent of bamboo fills your mouth. Finally, the scent is followed by a sweet taste that cannot be experienced with any other salt.

    Please sprinkle the product on all cooked food that requires special salt to complete dishes. And please present the product Ocksujung Classic to yourself and the people you love instinctively.


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      The Original Since 1926





      In 1926 Dr. Kim Il-hoon invented the Bamboo salt for the first time in Korea. Since 1926, the Bamboo salt has been made with the same traditional artisan methods. Dr. Kim (1909-1992) was a famous doctor and a philosopher in Korea



      Dr. Kim’s only-daughter and grandchildren have been running the business in the mountains of southern Korea following three generations since 1999.



      Ocksujung is the brand of our company, a combination of the words from the founder Ms. Kim Youn-ock’s name and Sujung (水精), standing for salt in Chinese characters.



      Ocksujung has 5 registered patents on the technologies to manufacture bamboo slat. Ocksujung’s bamboo salt complies with the highest standards of appearance under Korea Standard (KS) of bamboo salt.

      Ocksujung’s bamboo salt is manufactured under the techniques passed down for generations, therefore pure and hard with a clear crystal. Our techniques and knowhow maintain the quality of ‘pure bamboo salt’ almost perfectly.

      Ocksujung always pursues the best and produces each salt ore as precious as a diamond.



      Our unique bamboo salt particles – fine particle and thick particle – add to the qualities of bamboo salt in terms of both flavor and texture, suitable to various dishes and loved by the chefs and aspiring cooks all over the world.



      Ocksujung bamboo salt absorbs energy in the manufacturing process, being a favorite ingredient not only for cooking but also for boosting immunity, detoxication and treatment.

      In the manufacturing process, the Bamboo Salt obtains the richness in minerals and antioxidants. It becomes a high quality culinary ingredient and also health supplement for boosting immunity and detoxification.



      Ocksujung’s entire bamboo salt products are kosher certified and get verified every year.

      The designs of bamboo salt container won Good Design Awards in Korea. It depicts a bamboo joint and packages show each different story.

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    • Main Product
      • Ocksujung Bamboo Salt Classic 100g Coarse _ Crystal_ Luxury

        Ocksujung Bamboo Salt Classic 100g Coarse / gourmet, crystal

      • Ocksujung Bamboo Salt Classic Soy Sauce 250ml

        Ocksujung Bamboo Salt Classic Soy Sauce 250ml

      • Ocksujung Bamboo Salt Classic 100g Fine

        Ocksujung Bamboo Salt Classic 100g Fine

      • Ocksujung Bamboo Salt Classic Giftset _ Crystal_ Luxury

        Ocksujung Bamboo Salt Classic Giftset / Crystal, Luxury

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