Electric Coffee Roaster IMEX Smart 1500

Electric Coffee Roaster IMEX Smart 1500

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South Korea
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IMEX Cafe Rosto Smart 1500
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coffee, coffee roaster, electric roaster, imex,
Beverage & Wine Processing Machinery
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Imex Corporation Ltd.

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 1980
Business type
Verified Certificate


Product name Electric Coffee Roaster IMEX Smart 1500 Certification -
Category Beverage & Wine Processing Machinery Ingredients -
Keyword coffee , coffee roaster , electric roaster , imex Unit Size 350.0 * 750.0 * 840.0 mm
Brand name IMEX Cafe Rosto Smart 1500 Unit Weigh 62 kg
origin South Korea Stock -
Supply type - HS code 8419899090

Product Information

- Anyone can make best coffee without roasting technique and experience.

- Modern Design is applied to the Cutting-Edge technology.

- Deep and fancy body taste can be created.

- Built-In Smoke Eliminator.

- Anyone can create roasting programs easily.

- 10 Automatic roasting programs and 10 Manual roasting programs can be saved.

- Compact Size and Detachable Cooling Basket

- Increased Durability by the simple structure design.

- Coffee Taste can be controlled (bitterness & body)



Capacity : Auto mode 1.5kg / Manual mode 100g ~ 1.5kg (Green bean input)

Dimension : W350×D750×H840

Net Weight : 62kg

Voltage : 200~230V, 50~60Hz

Power Consumption : 3.7KW

Roasting Process : Two Way Drum Rotation

Heating Source : Halogen and recycling air flow Smoke Heater (Patent Pending)

Throughput : about 10 ~ 15 minutes / 1kg (2.2LBS) batch.

Color : Black, Red.


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Imex Corporation Ltd.

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 1980
Business type


#601 Ace Techno Tower 1st, Guro-gu, Seoul, Korea
Product Category
Other Cookware & Cooking Tools
Year Established
Company introduction

IMEX Corporation, a privately owned company, was founded by the present managing director of Eugene Song with capital US$500,000 on May 1, 1980, and has specialized in manufacturing home electric appliances.This company has produced and exported around 4 million popcorn poppers for home, and has manufactured the far infrared oven (convection type) and exported to the advanced countries including Germany, France, Switzerland. The oven was the 1996 best seller of Korean TV Home Shopping Channel and has been widely recognized as the representative item for Home Shopping.This company has achieved the established standard such as VDE of Germany, UL of U.S.A., CSA of Canada, and has manufactured the home electric appliances with good quality for 18 years. The various and delicate idea of Eugene Song, the owner, has acquired more than 20 patents from U.S.A., Germany, Japan, Korea, etc. Therefore, this company has manufactured and exported only new idea products and keep growing as an engineering expert company. Resulting from four years research for showing the most favorite product of 21st century, IMEX Corporation has developed an energy-saving home coffee roaster which applies hot air circulation, moved into Kuro 1 Industrial Complex, one of high technology industrial complex in Korea in order to prepare for mass production of most favorite product for coffee-lovers, has invested more money for producing best-quality products, and has been preparing for taking the home coffee roaster market.IMEX will operate a home coffee club, exchange how to make good coffee with coffee-lovers in the world, supply high-quality green beans, present the vision of coffee for home, and grow as a coffee-dedicated company. Also IMEX will develop various sorts of coffee-related appliances for gourmet coffee and grow as the company leading the world coffee culture

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U.A.E. U.A.E.

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