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    Indentation System for evaluation of Residual Stress and

    Tensile Properties in nuclear power plant equipment



    • Shielding function of radiation
    • Minimization of noise using CAN communication
    • A Non-Slip plastic cover applied
    • Available to measure the thickness of test targets

    │Powerful Functions│

    • Non-destructive residual stress and tensile properties evaluation
    • Seamless integration with IIT
    • Application of ISO / TR29381
    • Application of KS B0950 / KS B0951 (Korean standards)
    • Application of KEPIC MDF A370 code

    ※More High-durability


    The AIS3000HD is designed to be advantageous for shielding of radiation and is a high-durability indentation tester that is available for measuring properties quantitatively such as tensile property, residual stress, hardness etc. at the operation environment of a nuclear power plant (radiation, radioactivity, temperature, vibration etc.) and various sites. Besides, it is possible to test by using wireless module and a laptop even at a narrow place where it is difficult to supply a power by miniaturization and simplicity of the equipment for convenience.



    - Items

    • Residual stress
    • Hardness
    • Tensile strength
    • Fracture toughness
    • Thickness

    - Specification





     90 x 320 mm




     2.0 gf / 0.1 um

     Full stroke

     30 mm

     Loading rate

     0.05 ~ 30 mm



     Data acquisition rate



     Spherical indenter, Vickers indenter


    ※AIS3000HD Features

    • Evaluation of residual stress and tensile properties using IIT
    • Prompt on-site evaluation using a non-destructive method
    • Application of AIS3000 V3.0
    • Convenience and portability by using UMPC

    - Convenience and portability 

    • Maximization of weight loss and portability
    • Realization of protection degree for product protection in field (IP31)
    • Realization of product protection through design minimized of impact

    - Equipment Organization according to User Demands

    • Hybrid-tester of thickness testing module
    • Practical design of structure foe radiation shiled
    • CAN communication to minimize noise and data loss








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    9 FRONTICS Inc.

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      South Korea South Korea
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      kwangho Kim

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      Gasan-dong, Byucksan Digital Valley 6-cha,Suite 407, Geumcheon-gu, Seoul, Korea

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      Other Measuring & Gauging

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    • Company introduction

      FRONTICS is a specialized company in “Material Properties Test Equipment” founded in September, 2000. Based on research results accumulated for a long time, we have developed and supplied assessment devices for properties and residual stress of various structures and materials coping with the demand of industrial and public institutions. FRONTICS AIS series of nondestructive inspection machines. Using the instrumented Indentation Technique (IIT), these machines can test tensile strength, residual stress and fracture toughness of materials from micro/nano dimensions to large metal structures. FRONTICS nondestructive inspection machine can prevent industrial accidents, ensure compliance with government and technical standards, save time and money with on-site testing, and reduce the manufacturing cost of structures.

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      • AIS3000HD

        AIS3000 HD

      • AIS3000 compact

        AIS3000 compact

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      • AIT-U


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