Self-Watering Saucer for easy home gardening

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Product Information

Self-Watering Saucer for easy home gardening


  • Plant pot saucer with our patented self watering device is included.
  • Designed to use with pots available in market – Five different sizes saucers can be used with any sizes of pots in the market.


  • Our way of self-watering from the bottom up through our patented wick rod preserves the soil and nutrients in the pot/planter.
  • No concern about plant dry even long trips. Water is supplied to the plant for 10~15days or even more days depending on the plants.
  • Customer can adjust the length of the wick rod for optimum moisture of soil.
  • Free from concern of overflowing water or splashing soil water down on the floor.
  • Optimum level of water what plant wants and air is supplied, so excessive root growth is prevented and plant and root keeps healthy.
  • No need to move the heavy pot for watering.
  • Save water and labor by supplying optimum water to the reservoir only when it is empty.


Self-Watering Saucer
Self-watering integrated Pot Saucers

Hwabundeul’s Self-Watering Sub-Irrigation System makes the gardening easy and simple!

1. Do you feel the difficulty in gardening?
You do not know how much and how often your plant needs watering?

No need to concern about it!

Just fill the water to the reservoir of our self-watering planter, then water and oxygen are provided constantly how much plant wants and when plant wants thanks to our patented wick rod technology.


2. No need to change the soil in the pot every year!
Watering from the bottom up through our patented wick rod prevents the loss of the nutrients in the soil.
Supplying optimum water and oxygen by wick rod maintains healthy root and prevents excess growing of the root.
Therefore, you do not need to change the soil in your pot every year.

3. Are you planning to take long trips?
Just take a trip without worrying about your plant watering!

Fill the water to the reservoir at the bottom of the planter.
Water is supplied automatically for 10~15days or longer depending on the plants.

4. Easy watering and Water saving
Fill the water to the reservoir at the bottom of the planter.
Free from concern about overflowing water or splashing down the soil water on the floor.
Water is saved because the right amount of water only needs to be filled when the reservoir is empty.
No need to move heavy pots for watering

5. You can change your conventional plant pots to Self-watering pots by using our patented self-watering kit!
Insert the wick rod to the pots or planters you have, and fill the water to the reservoir. Only two steps!
Able to adjust the height of the wick rod for optimum moisture according to the plants.


Model No. Dimension of Water Reservoir (Width/height) Applicable pot diameter (mm) Dimensions of Wick rod (length/diameter)
HW - J1 320 / 90 (mm) <ø 290 20cm/15mm
HW - J2 270 / 90 (mm) <ø 220 15cm/15mm
HW - J3 220 / 90 (mm) <ø 170 10cm/15mm
HW - J4 (for Orchid) 180 / 90 (mm) <ø 140 10cm/10mm
HW - J5 150 / 90 (mm) <ø 110 5cm/10mm

All-in-One package set for easy gardening

Components in a package set:

  • Mini Pot (18 x 18 x 20cm)
  • Self-watering saucer including wick rod
  • Exclusive Culture Soil
  • User Guide
  • Flower seeds

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Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2016
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Dong Wook KIM
#321 Seodaemun-gu New Knowledge Asset Center, 484 Tongil-ro Seodaemun-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea, 03628
Product Category
Other Machinery Parts
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Company introduction
<p>We, Co., Ltd., are a manufacturer in Korea specialized in developing and manufacturing self-watering sub-irrigation planters and saucers.  

Hwabundeul .com, established in 2010, has grown  to  become  a  leader  in the  vegetable  garden and flower pot industry with superb Korea patented inventions for self-watering system and those products.


Since  the  time  of  establishment, we  have  focused and specialized in self-watering sub irrigation  pot application developments  and  successfully  built up  innovative  technologies.  

As a result of our development effort, we successfully launched Self Watering planters, Self Watering Sausers and Kits to the market, and have acquired majority of the market share in Self Watering products.

We will contiunue to develop and introduce new products of Self Watering to provide customers with more convenient and productive watering products for home gardening and farming. 

Our brief company history is as follows. 


2010  Established Inc.

2012  Patent Registration of Water Supply Device for Flower Pot (Pat.No.10-11-3585)

          Awarded the bronze medal of Korea Invention –Patent Contest

          Certification of Outstanding Technology by the Minster of Agriculture and Foretry

          ISO 9001 Ceritifed               

2014  Certification of Venture Company

           Utility model for the device registration for Flower Pot (PAT No. 20-0475800)

2015   Awarded the best prize of Idea Contest at 2015 Busan Urban farming Fair

2016   Established Co., Ltd.

           Patent registration of Flower Planting Apparatus (PAT No. 10-1681209)

           Patent official opening of Flower Planting Apparatus (PAT No. 10-2016-0060964)

           Utility model for the device registration of Pot Plant Planting device (PAT No. 20-0481300)

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