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SG01S-A18 UVA Photodiodes / Sic Based UV Photodiode

By Sglux

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uv sensor , uv photodiode , sg01s-a18 , uva photodiodes
Place of Origin

2 Shenzhen ISweek Technology LTD

Country China China

Supplier Grade level1

Response Rate 8.82%

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Product Information


    UVA-only SiC based UV photodiode A = 0,06 mm

    Model Number:SG01S–A18


    1.Properties of the SG01S–A18 UV photodiode
    • UVA-only sensitivity, PTB reported high chip stability
    • Active Area A = 0,06 mm2
    • TO18 hermetically sealed metal housing, 1 isolated pin and 1 case pin
    • 10mW/cm2 peak radiation results a current of approx. 222 nA



    2.About the material Silicon Carbide (SiC)

    SiC  provides  the  unique  property  of  extreme  radiation  hardness,