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Wood Grain Heat Transfer Film for MDF,PS foaming board

By C&N

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pet film , wood grain transfer film for door , hot stamping foil for door decoration
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1 C&N film Industrial group limited

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Main products Polyester Film 4.5micron for Produce TTR (Thermal Transfer R
PVC wood grain film/PVC decorative film/PVC Interior Film
Pet Film for Printing,printing grade polyester film
Marble Heat Transfer Foils on PVC, PS, MDF

Product Information

 Hot Stamping is a dry printing process in which a color pigment or metallic  material is transferred from a continuous film sheet to the object being  decorated. The application of controlled heat and pressure releases the  color from the carrier film using an image dry or roller and bonds it  permanently to the chosen object. The process is clean, dry and fast, and  free from problems commonly associated with wet ink printing processes.
Our stamping foil/Heat Transfer Foils
  Our Hot stamping Foil / Heat Transfer Foils are suitable for your hot stamping work, made up of a polyester carrier, a number of  lacquer layers and an adhesive sizing. During the process a heated stamping  wheel or engraved stamping dies activates the very thin lacquer layers by  means of   heat and pressure. This caused the lacquer layers to bond  permanently with substrate of plastic, paper, thermal paper or lacquered  wooden products such as photo frames and pencils.

Specifically formulated for use on plastic substrates,like PVC,PS,ABS,UPVC,etc.Made by carrier film layer,Release coat layer,Top coating protective layer,decorative  layer,Heat-sensitive adhesive layer,and so on.Can be applied on board surfaces,profiles and edges.
Its application range includes:PVC,PS foam trim,Sealing lines,skirting lines,Blind slats,PS frame,etc.
1.Realistic grain effect. 


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