Polyester Ripcord

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cable, mattress, optical, ripcord,
100% Polyester Yarn

5 CM Bank co., ltd

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    Polyester Ripcord


    CM Bank polyester ripcord can be used in almost any type of cable, providing easy access to the cable core during installation or maintenance. Due to high quality of the twisting, CM Bank polyester ripcord can cut through some corrugated steel tapes. This is made of polyester and available in a variety of thicknesses and breaking strengths.



    Material 100% polyester
    Annual Capacity 80 ton
    Yarn type
        • EXARON PET2000RR ᆞEXARON PET3000RR
        • EXARON PET6000RR ᆞEXARON PET8000RR
        • EXARON PET2000RW2 ᆞEXARON PET3000RW2
        • EXARON PET3000RW3 ᆞEXARON PET6000RW2
    • To remove the coating of electrical wires of optical communications and optical cables
    • Diverse color is available upon requests
    • Backstitch a bed mattress
    • Backstitch a gunny sack
    • Backstitch a hose and a tire
    Heat Shrinkage
           7~8k/d (1,000d)
           3.3% (190°15min )
    Origin        Made in Korea

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    5 CM Bank co., ltd

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      South Korea South Korea
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      Kim Nan Hee

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      183, Cheongbaengi-ro, Baeksa-myeon, Icheon-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

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      100% Polyester Yarn

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      <p>We, Cable Materials Bank Co., Ltd., are a manufacturer of fiber optic cable materials such as polyester binder yarn, polyester ripcord and aramid ripcord.


       We are keeping pace with clients’ diverse demands both in telecommunications and optical cables through our customers’ confidence and development of new technologies, and trying to extend our business to the global markets with competitive quality and price.

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