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bracelet, brooch, earing, necklace,
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Hanzhong Higo

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2015
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Product name Yeno Jewelry Certification -
Category Brooches Ingredients -
Keyword bracelet , brooch , earing , necklace Unit Size -
Brand name YENO JEWELRY Unit Weigh -
origin South Korea Stock -
Supply type - HS code 7117

Product Information

YENO is trendy sensuous and an elegant jewelry brand using genuine SWAROVSKI crystal. YENO logo is differentiation strategy, becoming a brand that fulfills unique individuality and beauty which is potential to women. 


Yeno classy crystals are supplied from Austria through a license with world wide Jewelry brand of SWAROVSKI AG. 


YENO offers guarantee of original crystal on the tag of every product.

B2B Trade

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Hanzhong Higo

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2015
Business type


Park, Sangjun
Kyungil BLDG 2nd FL. 7-12 Seongan-ro, Gandgond-ku, Seoul, Korea
Product Category
Beauty Products Agents
Year Established
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Company introduction

Established in 2015, Hanzhong Higo company has exported cosmetics, beauty appliances, foods, health, living  and small home appliances mainly to China including Miyanma, Thailand, Vietnam, Japan and the USA. We are having domestic biz. with our partners on DFS, post DFS and many shops especially for cosmetic. We take pride in being a representative company for, which serves China industry as a platform to bridge the outgoing companies to/from Chian, either way.  We had successfully delivered goods to Hualian group in 2016 and have contracts with many of China's Korean Pavilions or Korean Castles, where we have exported Korean goods. The typical parnters in China are Guangcai, Carrefour, CCC group, China way, China bonded city mall, Huatang group, etc. The parnters in Korea are DFD fashion group, Sejung, In The F, Hyungji group, LG, Amore, Lioele, Hankook cosmetics, Skin Food, Orion, Sajo haepyo, LG Care, Yuhan Kimberly, DOA company, Normz, Hankook Shinyak, Kyungnam Pharm. Shin Il Industry, Nutri Biotech, etc.  Meanwhile, we have 150 luxury brands of Europe ( except Chanel and Hermes ) under the partnership with Italy's EMG group. 

We are a small company, however we are not small in our coverage and want to remain to be a good partner for the new comers to Korea or any buyers for Korea misc. things. 

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