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Country South Korea South Korea

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Nature's crystal, rich in minerals - Qi Power salt



The island of Sinan-gun in Jeonnam province locating in the southernwestern sea of the Korean peninsula is the hometown of Qi Power salt. 


This salt is roasted by a high temperature roasting method (patented manufacturing method) with salt collected by using a traditional Korean desalination method that extracts only the salt crystalized in sea water of which the salt concentration is enhanced by solar heat after gathering sea water from the West sea into a salt field.


QI POWER SALT (230g, 250g) 

This table salt has a great reduction power as it is produced through a high temperature roasting process


QI POWER SALT SET (Packing weight - 250g X 2ea, 230g) 

Qi Power Salt set consists of two 250gram pouches, one 230gram container, and a portable container.


QI POWER ORIGIN (Packing weight - 100G(Powder), 100G(Tablet)

Roasted at a high temperature of over 1200℃, breaking down and eliminating harmful substances. It also has ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential) of 500mV. 


SALT FARM SALT SERIES 1kg- Salt Farm Matured Salt, Salt Farm Crystallized Salt, Salt Farm Roast Salt Collected from a salt farm with the bittern removed. 

It produces a soft and deep taste after maturing over a certain period of time. 


KANGENRYOKU (Reduction power) 200g

Toxin-free healthy and strong alkaline salt full of natural minerals through a high temperature roasting  


Developed through long term research, Salus Pine Refresh is a product of natural mineral balances and high reduction power. It helps maintain glossy and moist skin, preserving its original beauty.


Salt,” medicine if you know how to eat, but poison if you do not.

The media including TV and newspapers, and even health-related journals are arguing in unison that salt is the biggest culprit of sodium. They insist that salt is not good to our health at all, causing High blood pressure and so on. Then is their insistence is true? Should not we really eat salt?


Of course, it is wrong because salt is indispensable to human life in many parts, including eating.

From ancient times, salt has been considered as the second important food following rice, and the saying in the Bible, "You are the salt of the world," means that salt is the essence of life and matter.

Salt, used to season and flavor various foods, keeps nutritional balance of human body. And, it functions not only as a natural preservative keeping the body from decaying by maintaining the salinity of the blood, but also as a biocatalyst improving blood stream. Therefore, salt is a vital nutrient for human body.

In short, salt has a function to increase metabolism of human body.

Salt contributes to various physiological functions including decomposition and digestion of food, osmoregulation, excretion, muscular motion, neurotransmission, detoxication and increase in body temperature.  


There are different types of edible salt.

First, there is bay salt made by drying sea water using the sun and wind, white salt created by boiling water with bay salt to eliminate impurities, and refined salt produced by reacting sea water with sodium or chlorine through ion-exchange membrane process.

And there are also baked salt made by sintering bay salt at high temperature and bamboo salt made by burning bay salt with bamboo as our company is making.

Needless to say, baked salt and bamboo salt are good for health. Refined salt of pure sodium chloride has toxicity in itself, but bay salt can lose its toxicity and get the properties of medicine because the minerals including calcium, magnesium and potassium are naturally mixed in it.

Sydney Ringer, a British clinician, found out the conflicting effect between refined salt and bay salt through experiments with frogs, and made Ringers solution of physiological saline, and Prof. Mushiyamuni at Osaka University in Japan established Association of Research on Table Salt and pointed out the harmfulness of refined salt, saying, “White salt is a murderer that makes people die slowly.”

Like this, bay salt and refined salt have opposite roles, as the former is to save people while the latter is to kill. 


Roasted Solar Salt

Baked salt tastes mild and gentle because its property turns to alkalinity by the removal of impurities and toxic ingredients when it is baked at high temperature of 800 ℃. Then what virtues does baked salt have at all?

Aren‘t you curious why we have to bake and eat our bay salt which is known globally for its excellence?

Today I will tell you about the efficacy of baked salt. We can see remarkable changes if we apply heat to salt.

Salt crystal starts to crack at 410 ℃ and melt at 800.6 ℃. During cracking of its crystal, huge amounts of chlorine gas is released as elements of chlorine are separated from atomic bonds of salt (Na + Cl).

As you know, this chlorine gas was used by Nazi to massacre Jews during World War II. Through this process, the content of sodium, Na, is also reduced by half with the separation of chlorine elements.

For this reason, we can often tell that baked salt has been known as low sodium salt. As the temperature rises to over 800.6 ℃, the melting point of salt, by continuous heating, the properties of salt also undergo many changes. You can see that the wonderful change from slightly acidic or neutral salt to alkaline salt with pH 9 to 10 occurs. And another surprise is that the impurities in bay salt are gasified at high temperature.

Because the impurities of salt are consumed at high temperature over its melting point, its bitter flavor is disappeared and a sense of sweetness is left behind for a long time if you taste it!

As a result, the weight of baked salt is reduced by 42 to 48 percent of the bay salt before baked, and the level of sodium content becomes a third of the original. When you make kimchi, we dare to recommend you to use our baked salt that give a sense of sweetness without bitter taste of its impurities! The journal of food science and nutrition shows that kimchi made by using baked salt has higher quality and more improved anticancer effect than others.

Many housewives still roast salt at home, but it is impossible to make healthy baked salt at home because it can be made at the temperature over 800 ℃ and, contrary to common sense, it will be rather hazardous to health by inhaling the toxic chlorine gas released when roasting salt.

Bay salt of our country is very excellent in itself, but I think that our baked salt would be helpful to health for those who need to control sodium level in body and want to taste the native flavor of food better. ^^

Our company has specially manufactured and distributed the products related to salt for more than thirty years. Salt becomes medicine if you know how to eat, but poison if you do not. 


Bamboo Salt

The human body is slightly alkaline of pH7.4. Because alkaline foods don‘t prevent enzymes and antioxidants from functioning properly but help you raise your immunity by improving the ability of digestion and absorption of food, you can be strong and healthy if you eat them.

This means that alkaline food and water activate the function of internal organs in human body if ingested. However, as people begin to eat baby food after a period of lactation, their bodies are turning acidic. Excessive acid wastes accumulated in the body not only by chronic bad eating habits (having various instant food, polluted water, food with excessive residual pesticides and with various chemicals) but also by various stresses and serious air pollution are not discharged in time from the body through perspiring and urinating. When people lose their ability to keep their body alkaline, they will suffer from various diseases due to diminution of the physiological function caused from acid wastes accumulated in their bodies.

But our bamboo salt products were proved to maintain alkalinity and ORP values in the body to the quite satisfactory level. Many of them have fairly good reducing power over -400 mV and strong alkalinity over pH 11. Even though considering the range of errors, our products (origin) show the superiority in quality, having their reducing powers of more than -500mV.


The reducing power is a measure of how actively the oxidation and reduction occurs in the human body. Oxidation of human body is an aging process in which the function of the body is diminished by accumulation of wastes and toxins, reduction is a normalizing process in which the function of the body is normalized by excretion of wastes and toxins through immune interaction or purification.

We have so many oxidizing agents around us, but very few reducing agents. The substances with ORP value under Zero mV have strong reducing power to remove wastes and toxins in our body. We can say that the lower ORP value from zero the substance has, the stronger its ability to improve aging is, and in contrary, the higher value from zero it has, the stronger its oxidizing power is and the more easily wastes and toxins are accumulated in the body.

The stronger reducing power means helpful to health, and the stronger oxidizing power means harmful to health.  







  • Beauty Salt



Country South Korea South Korea

Supplier Grade level3

Jung Mu Chang
50 , Cheonggyeondan 1-gil, Cheonggye-myeon, Muan-gun, Jeollanam-do , Korea
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Corporate Philosophy

K-SALT Inc. specializes in producing processed salt using solar salt, such as healthy roasted salt and bamboo salt as well as beauty salt providing health benefits. K-SALT Inc. holds to the environmentally friendly corporate principle of always putting nature and people first and endeavor to keep up with continuous research and development.


Vision and Business   

01. We are an environmental friendly company that the puts health and happiness of our customers and nature first.

02. We make products that keep our customers coming back.

03. We provide our customers with touching experiences through the best quality and expertise.

04. We do our best for customers and strive to make our best efforts for customer satisfaction.

05. We aim to keep up with continuous R&D for new products and patent registration.

06. We produce and supply our products both in B2B and B2C.

07. We don't limit ourselves to the domestic market and always aim for export and overseas markets.


1999. 04. Established Chungsoo Food Inc.

1999. 06. Made OEM Contract with Daesang Food Inc. as a  supplier of Chungjungone Roasted Salt.

1999. 09. Made an export contract with Qi Power Inc., Japan

2000. 03. Applied for SALT CARE trademark registration

2001. 12. Made a contract with Qi Power Inc., Japan for the  manufacturing on commission through the use of patented process.

2002. 07. Became a stockholder of Qi Power Inc., Japan and registered as a foreign investment company.

2003. 09. Acquired Quality Management System Certificate from Korea Productivity Center.

2004. 08. Appointed as a promising small and medium-sized export business by Jeonnam Small & Medium Business Export Support Center.

2005. 01. Appointed as a promising small & medium-sized business by Jeonnam Province.

2005. 10. Acquired Environment Management System Certificate from Korea Productivity Center. (KSA 99001:2004 / ISO 14001:2004)ate and related mineral bamboo salt products.

2014. 03. Awarded a trusted taxpayer by the Minister of Strategy and Finance.

2014. 03. Appointed as an IP Star Company by the Jeon-Nam Intellectual Property Center.

2014. 04. Established K-SALT Inc. K-SALT corperation construction (Muan-Cheonggye second semi-industrial complex)

2014. 12. Acquired certificate of HACCP applied Establishment. (Scope of subject items: Solar sea salt, Burnt/ melted salt, Processed salt)

2015. 10. Acquired certificate of “Hala” Applied Establishment.

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50 , Cheonggyeondan 1-gil, Cheonggye-myeon, Muan-gun, Jeollanam-do , Korea, 50 , Cheonggyeondan 1-gil, Cheonggye-myeon, Muan-gun, Jeollanam-do , Korea