Korea Bings Bings Mini Snow Ice flake bingsu Machine

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Bings Bings
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ice flake machine, bingsu machine, bingsoo machine, korea dessert,
Industrial Freezers & Ice Makers
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CK Company Co.,Ltd

Recent Visit
Mar 22, 2023
Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2012
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Verified Certificate


Product name Korea Bings Bings Mini Snow Ice flake bingsu Machine Certification -
Category Industrial Freezers & Ice Makers Ingredients -
Keyword ice flake machine , bingsu machine , bingsoo machine , korea dessert Unit Size 400.0 * 540.0 * 550.0 mm
Brand name Bings Bings Unit Weigh 65 kg
origin South Korea Stock -
Supply type - HS code -

Product Information

Win 2016 Hi-Seoul Award

Germs - 99.9% Decreasing
MINI(CKB-195DSW) is China No.1 Sales product.
It is very suitable for sanitation sensitive customers.
Nature-friendly sterilization using hybrid water and ozone.
No more bacteria!

1. Make snow flakes within 20 seconds!
2. Generates snow flakes with water, milk, juice, beer and wine etc.
3. 99.9% sterilizes and cleans with hybrid water
4. Built with 3 stages ice quality adjustment program
5. 2016 High-Seoul Excellence Brand Award

- Product name : Table type ice flake machine 'Bing's Bing's Mini'
- Model Name : CKB-195SW
Product size : 400 x 550 x 540 mm
Maximum ice making capacity : 250kg/day
Net Weight : 65kg
Rated voltage : AC220V / 50, 60Hz
Power Consumption : 1,300W
Refrigerant : R-404a
Condenser : Water cooling type








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CK Company Co.,Ltd

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2012
Recent Visit
Mar 22, 2023
Business type


Won, Yong Tea
4Fl, KJ Tower, 207 Bongeunsa-ro, Guro-gu, Seoul, Korea
Product Category
Industrial Freezers & Ice Makers
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  As a snow ice flake machine professional manufacturer, CK COMPANY Co., Ltd. has led the market share of ice machine industry by 365days 24 hours continuous R & D, the world best technology and endless passion.

"Bing's Bing's" Snow Ice Flake Machine can manufacture and sell various health food well-being ice flakes adding milk, juice, wine and beer as per one’s preference through rapid cooling drum system with the best technology.


 CK COMPANY Co., Ltd. produces and supplies luxurious snow ice flake machine with perfect quality control system which never allows a single defect during production line and our research staffs who are continuously researching now. 




CK COMPANY Co., Ltd. will make all year around cool summer. We would appreciate your interest and encouragement to Bing's Bing's and CK COMPANY Co., Ltd. which makes new well-being food and beverage dessert culture.





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