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Product name Baby's Stop Thumb Sucking Device Certification -
Category Other Baby Supplies & Products Ingredients -
Keyword baby accessory , stop thumb sucking devce , sucking thumb , carethumb Unit Size 7.0 * 8.0 * 3.0 cm
Brand name CareThumb Unit Weigh 10 g
origin South Korea Stock -
Supply type - HS code 3926909000

Product Information



Painless, easy to wear, 95% effective!! 

Innovative idea, ergonomic design!!


“CareThumb” is an anti thumb sucking device  

that do to help baby or children break the thumb sucking habit. 


• CareThumb uses a natural way to correct children’s thumb sucking behavior.
• Ergonomic Design to allow full movement of the fingers as well as wearing comfort.
• Helps the child’s healthy teeth growth.
• Helps the child’s tactile sense.
• Protects the thumb safe.


Product specifications
• Ergonomic design with thumb’s inner opening.
•Thumb cover and wrist band are integrated.
•Thumb cover vent hole. (Prevent sweating)
•BPA Free, No color, No smell, 100% silicon.
•Able to wear on either hands.
•Compatible with Carethumb+Finger 


◆ CareThumb protect thumb safely.
    It prevents erosion, inflammation, bruise, dermatitis,  

    2nd  infection, blisters, callus, deformation of thumbnail and thumb. 


◆ CareThumb helps tooth growth.

    Protruded front teeth, front teeth flaring, snaggletooth, abnormset of teeth,  

    open bite occlusion, and mouth structural deformation.  


◆ CareThumb keeps thumb safe from bacteria.
    When sucking unsanitary thumb, it prevents indigestion, stomach-ache  

     and food poisoning that can occur. 


CareThumb is ergonomically designed which open to the inner part of the thumb, so the child can bend their thumb freely into the palm, making it easy for the child to catch the toy or pan. 



With its meterial made of non-toxic silicone are fastened to the child's thumb which has the two escape-prevention rings and the integral wristband.


CareThumb + for fingers have two holes in each of the finger-tube, allowing the child can bend their finger freely into the palm, and also can connect to the CareThumb’s wristband.




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CareThumb Catalog.pdf

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South Korea South Korea /
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2F 276 Pilun-dong, Jongro-gu seoul korea
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Beauty & Personal Care,I.V Equipments,Medical Devices
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Company introduction
Mobiu Co., Ltd is originated from a compound word of mobile and Utopia and means ‘Convenient World for Free Movement’. “EZpole”, a portable ringer pole where innovative idea and ergonomic design are applied appears in the world. “EZpole” helps that inpatients can freely move alone while receiving linger liquid and is a product to reduce the difficulty of care for a carer. “EZpole” is an useful and convenient product even for general peoples who receive linger liquid at a local clinic or a home. I hope that “EZpole”, a portable ringer pole on a new concept makes a hospital pleasant environment, improves image of hospital and is helpful for the management of hospital. Mobiu Co., Ltd promises to become a corporation that endeavor to develop the most advanced products that are further innovative and that users can conveniently use for the improvement of the mankind’s quality of life.
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