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HALAL Frozen Whole Chicken / Chicken Feet, Chicken Wings

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chicken feet , frozen meat , chicken parts , chicken paws
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Country Germany Germany

Supplier Grade level1

Response Rate 9.09%

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Product Information


HALAL Frozen Whole Chicken / Chicken Feet, Chicken Wings / Paws etc

  product: halal chicken whole wing, 3 joint 
size: 60 - 90 grams, 90 grams up 
packing: block frozen, master carton of 15kg 
l/p, master carton of 15kg 
soldier pack, master carton of 15kg 
product: halal chicken wings drummettes 
size: unsized 
packing: l/p, master carton of 15kg 
retail pack, trays of 400 & 900 grams 
product: halal chicken middle joint 
size: unsized </