Korean Hot Emulsion type OKA LipInk liptint 4 colors

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cosmetic, makeup, lip tint, lip tint set,
Lip Makeup , Lip Balm
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South Korea South Korea / 2016
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Product name Korean Hot Emulsion type OKA LipInk liptint 4 colors Certification -
Category Lip Makeup
Lip Balm
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    Lipink has assorted with Speakeasy (Red), XOXO (Hot Pink), Soul Mate (Tera Rosa), Aloha (Coral) / Under My Spell (Orange Red), In My Pouch (Coral Pink)


Oka created lipink inspired by bright and lovely girl. Oka wishes one’s forever young when lipink touches her lip.


 Emulsion type OKA Lip Ink, which keeps moist on the lips with it's soft spreadability and excellent durability.  



    Moist and vivid color

Non-sticky, excellent water resistance and long-lasting gloss make your lips shine like a glass bead with no dryness.  


    Smooth and glossy texture 

Stable water in oil texture and excellent gloss to make glossy lips. 


    Great durability

The tint colors helps your lips to be beautiful as if it is first make-up. The tinted color remains even the make-up is removed.  


   Glossy black & dark blue packaging

With it's unique gloss texture black & dark blue packaging, the symbol mark like a lip palette and the design with a deviant crease line expressing the color ship are attractive. OKA lip ink's containter has a high quality and luxurious grip that satisfies you even more.  


    3-step rolling system & High-dispersion technology

The color powder is finely crushed for increasing the color saturation and to be applied to the lips. It's color richenss is increased with fine particles and the lips are vivid and attractive without the harsheness of a color lump or stuck.


    Speakeasy (Red)

In 1920's, Newyorkers were tempted to get drunk and sneak into unnamed bar. You will also get drawn to our secret Speakeasy, the temptating red orange color, and desperate to try it on. This enchanted red is eager to dress your lips to take your next level of allure.  


    Soul Mate (Tera Rosa)

A deep love that colors the soul. A soulmate that keeps by my side as if it is always there when you do not know where you are heading . Daily code color of OKA that can be together anytime and anywhere with deep color and coloring power of Red.  


    XOXO (Hot Pink)

Just like an adorable girl writes XOXO at the end of her letter. OKA sends our full love in 'XOXO' with warm heart to you. This strawberry pink color pops out to bright your face just like pinky cheeks.  


    Aloha (Coral)

'Hello' from Hawaii. Coral light color that reminds you of the vacation on the beach in Hawaii. Lovely Lip Ink that gives life to the face, pushing back any worries and troubles by the side.




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Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2016
Business type


Yejin Ok
, Mapo-gu, 161 Yanghwa-ro, K-square,#624, Mapo-gu, Seoul, Korea
Product Category
Face Mask,Lip Makeup,Liquid Foundation,Skin Care Set
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Company introduction

OKA Co., Ltd. was founded in 2016 as an object to create an inspiring and motivational cosmetics for customers. 

Due standardized packaging designs of cosmetic products, the design of packaging has become significantly important.

The concept of OKA products of cosmetics combined with artistic sense inspires the public and let them have a new experience for their eyes and also their skin with high-quality products.

The products of OKA are consisted of facial mask sheet, facial foam cleanser, and lipsticks, and are trying its best to spread its will all over the world.

The products are currently sold in department store, dutyfree shop, H&B stores, and more various channels.

Also, in foreign countries, OKA is taking efforts to provide the unique experience in Russia, Singapore, United States, France, Poland, and many more!

Join OKA for our unique experience to satisfy both your eyes and skin!

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ANNE Co., Ltd,


JMB Cosline Co., Ltd

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