Illusion Theater cardboard movie theater

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cardboard displays, movie player, vr display,
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Zizle Co., Ltd

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South Korea South Korea / 2004
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Product name Illusion Theater cardboard movie theater Certification -
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Product Information

1. About Product

This is a new developed cell phone movie headsets for mobile users. We tend to lie down on a bed or a couch while using a smartphone to watch a video clip or a movie.

“ Illusion Theater ” was invented based on the idea of relieving discomfort while watching into a smartphone screen.
It is a smartphone packaging box designed for watching a movie comfortably for a long time.
A convex lens makes a smartphone screen look twice or three times bigger than its actual size.
The additional structures built in the package induce an optical illusion as if we were in a theater.
Also this product helps our eyes to be less tired even after two hour watching by increasing concentration through eliminating outside noises.
Therefore,“ Illusion Theater ”is the Theater in My Hands and My Own Theater, which makes us feel like being in a cinema.

2. Application/Practical use
  1) Promotion gift / free gift
  2) Packing box for smartphone accessories
  3) Training aids in art or science class/toys

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Zizle Co., Ltd

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2004
Business type



lee, jungho
146-65, Annyeong-Dong, Hwaseong Si, GYEONGGI-DO, 445-380, KOREA
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Boxes,Gift Bags & Boxes
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Company introduction
<p>We, Zizle Co., Ltd, have been established on the management philosophy of serving for customers from the heart.


To have this management philosophy actualized, we outwardly focus on creating customer values by delivering quality products and services.


Inwardly, Zizle develops and trains talented individuals to manage its innovation and progress. All of staffs at Zizle company taught its management philosophy contribute to Zizle's vision of becoming a first-class corporation.

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