DUZ Hands Free Dryer (iMD-1000T)

DUZ Hands Free Dryer (iMD-1000T)

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South Korea
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DUZ premium hands free dryer
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hands free, cold air hair dryer, pet dryer, multi purpose dryer,
Pet Products , Hair Dryer
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Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2011
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Verified Certificate


Product name DUZ Hands Free Dryer (iMD-1000T) Certification -
Category Pet Products
Hair Dryer
Ingredients -
Keyword hands free , cold air hair dryer , pet dryer , multi purpose dryer Unit Size 180.0 * 180.0 * 780.0 mm
Brand name DUZ premium hands free dryer Unit Weigh 1 kg
origin South Korea Stock -
Supply type - HS code 8516

Product Information





DUZ Hands-Free Dryer (iMD-1000T b)  



All-round dryer.

Universal dryer.

New Concept! Multi Purposes! Great Satisfaction!
The premium hands-free dryer DUZ


Hands-free! Stress-Free!
Innovative Paradigm Shift on Using Dryer
So far you have to hold a dryer at one hand while
holding subjects to dry at the other hand.
Now, you can have both hands free to do any jobs you want!






- The 360˚ bendable Flexible Hose
The Flexible Hose has 1.5 times more flexibility than ordinary hoses and you can bend it and fix it just as you want.
You can give your dog a perfect hairstyle by fixing the Flexible Hose where it needs to be and dry the dog with both hands!


- Easy to Start Just Touch
DUZ’s easy to use touch button
You can precisely set up the air volume and temperature in 12 grades total with the touch buttons.
Power / Air Volume (3 grades) / Temperature (4 grades)


- Multiple Use
The new structure, new design, and multiple uses
You can use DUZ for several purposes including dryer for your pet, clothes, tableware, or shoes, which can be tricky to dry.


- Two Ways To Install For Places
Shifting a viewpoint on storage, The ultimate convenience
You can use the product on a floor or a table with the base, or you can use it by mounting on a wall as well.
You can rotate 90 degrees while it is attached to a wall,
also, it is convenient to use since it is detachable.

- DUZ’s Exclusive Precise Digital Temperature Care
Winds blowing at a constant temperature
The temperature won’t be changed even if you change the volume of the   air
It is the digital method using MCU which allows you to have 12 grades by combining 3 air volumes and 4 temperatures.
It maintains the temperature even if you change the volume of the air.


- Minimized Power Consumption, Minimized Electric Charges
950 W of maximum power consumption (Ordinary dryers: 1200-2000 W)
30 % more volume of air
DUZ has a 10 times longer life cycle compared to the others by using the BLDC motor instead of the DC motor.
The BLDC motor doesn’t occur any kind of friction,
so that it has minimized noise and produces zero dust.


- To My Noise Sensitive Puppy, Decreased stress
Comfort your dog with stable dB level
Puppies feel more comfortable with DUZ since there is no excessive noise in a certain period

* Fourier Analysis
Third-party product: Shows excessive noise occurrence over a certain   frequency band
DUZ: Shows stable noise level

-Powerful Motor and Excellent Digital Control Technology
Holding a digital control technology using an improved BLDC motor and MCU
DUZ is utilized with a powerful motor and a precise digital control technology developed by continuous research and development with experts in related fields.







Product Name : DUZ Hands-free Dryer Season 2.2
Model name : iMD-1000T
Rated operational voltage : AC 220 V, 60 Hz
Dimension : 7x7x30.7 in(2.6 lb)
Weight : 2.6 lb (1.2 kg, Incl. base)
Power consumption : 950 W
Air Flow Control : Three grades of air volume (Mild, Mid, Strong)
Temperature Control : Four grades of temperature (Lukewarm, Warm, Hot, and Cool) 






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Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2011
Business type


Yeolgyu Sung
67, Yakchon-ro 8-gil, Iksan-si, Jeollabuk-do, Korea
Product Category
Hair Dryer,Other Home Appliances
Year Established
No. of Total Employees
Company introduction

Company Introduction

Our company was established in 02. 07. 2011.

In the meantime we have been developing home appliances.

As a result, we begun to produce “DUZ Hands Free Dryer” in March 2016. It’s a new concept versatile hands-free dryer and changes in dryer usage paradigm. One hand with the dryer, the other with comb? It’s uncomfortable in the busy morning. Now use both hands freely to dry. In addition to a hair dryer usage, it also can use several purposes that require dry; shoes, clothes, pets, etc. And compare with other hair dryers, there’s no problem with using it long time. With the easy flexible hose, it can be used for a variety of purposes.

In the future we will produce home appliances, medical equipment, rehabilitation equipment, etc. Our goal of the future is to launch over 100 new products in our company. We holds 10 patents until the present.

Our company has been designated as supporting export company from the Small Business Administration of Korea government and KOTRA's. Thus it will be able to trust and transactions.

Hoping to develop a mutual interests...

Sincerely yours,

IM Co., Ltd. CEO Yeol-Gyu Sung

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