High-specific biological product for killing mosquito larvae

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Product name High-specific biological product for killing mosquito larvae Certification -
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Biolarviсid is a high-specific biological product. It contains bacterial spores that destroy mosquito larvae selectively. There is no chemistry in the destroying process! The product is safe for other insects, humans, animals and plants. It allows to drastically reduce the local mosquito population. All you have to do is to dilute it with water and spray within the places of mosquito breeding (waters, pools, barrels, wet basements, etc.). It takes a day to destroy the whole number of mosquito larvae. The effect lasts up to a month. It’s required to perform from 4 to 6 treatments during a season. The use of the product doesn’t lead to the habituation effect. It’s an ideal supplement to the insect destroyer!

The product is a powder that consists of special bacterial spores and stabilizing bulking agents that ensure safety of active components. Bacteria rest in an inactive state while packaged, but after being placed into the moist environment they start breeding, filling the territory (reservoir) infected with mosquito larvae. Later on the bacteria become the main food for mosquito larvae. Entering the mosquito larvae’s digestive system, the bacteria cause severe damage to their vital processes. As a result, mosquito larvae start dying rapidly and new mosquito generation can’t come into being, because the Biolarviсid has destroyed them in the bud.

Biolarviсid is packaged in flasks of 30g or 100g. 


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    Our company has been inventing, developing and manufacturing innovative electronic devices since 1995. At the time we created an independent subdivision for development and production of complex electronic systems on the basis of a military facility. 
    In 20 years of hard work we have come a long way from contract manufacturing to our own brand of electronics. 
    Today we have production facilities in the cities of Izhevsk and Arzamas, and research centers in Nizhniy Novgorod and Izhevsk where we successfully combine genius minds and current technology. 
    In 2008 our products gained high popularity which resulted in a strong constant demand. We are convinced that our strategy appeals well to our clients and customers and we will continue living by it: "Production quality, durable devices which conform to declared characteristics". 
    We don't chase low prices of Chinese products, but we are ready to stand behind the quality, functionality and reliability of our products. And we are second to none at this! 

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