One touch PVA/Nylon Disk Brush for Panel, glass cleaning (Magnetic)

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one touch brush, one-touch disk brush, magnetic disk brush, panel cleaning disk brush,
Other Electrical Supplies , LCD Modules , LED Displays , Other Optoelectronic Displays
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Taekwang Materials Inc.

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2015
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Product name One touch PVA/Nylon Disk Brush for Panel, glass cleaning (Magnetic) Certification -
Category Other Electrical Supplies
LCD Modules
LED Displays
Other Optoelectronic Displays
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Product Information

TK Mat's One-touch PVA sponge disk brushes and One-touch Nylon DB are well known as cost-saving items among our LCD/OLED and Glass manufacturers locally.  They are all voicing " One-touch" disk brushes are key products to reduce their PM time dramatically.  If you are looking for real cost saving consumables in disk brush area, please contact us.  You will instantly have new items without changing any of your equipment.  TK Mat's One-touch disk brush will meet your higher expectation with excellent quality.



PVA Sponge Roller Brush: The best manufacturer!! 


Taekwang Materials Inc. (TK Mat Inc.) is located in near Seoul, Korea. We are known as a special manufacturer of High Quality PVA sponge roller brushes.  


TK Mat. is proving the products for  


LCD/OLED Panel manufacturers,
Optical Lens Module manufacturers (Mobile phone dual camera & CC Camera). 


If you are looking for the company with High quality, Reasonable price, and On-time delivery, that is Taekwang Materials Inc. in Korea. We always try to be located as cost-saving technology company for our customers

We are producing most of our PVA sponge products by customers' order. If you need to have any specific PVA Sponge brushes or PVA Sponge rollers, please contact us. You will get our instant reply. You may get more necessary information thru our web site.

You will be satisfied with our excellent products and service. 


Thank You!


B2B Trade

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Taekwang Materials Inc.

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2015
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Hyesook Kim
Hyunsuk-ro, Yangju-si, Gyeonggi-do, KOREA
Product Category
Electronic Products & Components Processing,LCD Modules,Semiconductors
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The best PVA sponge brush manufacturer in Korea.


TK Mat is offering a bespoke service to customers who is seeking unique design and development solutions.


TK Mat is providing specific design service to the customer. First, with numbers of meetings, we understand customer's design and using circumstance brief. TK Mat Inc. is the only Korean manufacturer of PVA sponge for high-end users. We pride ourselves on providing excellent and impartial advice during the design and development process. Our development team will take your design from concept to reality.

After we agree to the design we can manufacture initial samples which can be tested and approved before you commit to any tooling and production runs.


Working within the variety of industry sectors gives us a wide experiences that we can share with our customers.

Please visit our website at

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