Online Charge Analysis System Titrator(CAST)

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coagulant dosage, coagulant determination, coagulant dosage control system, polymer dosage control system,
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    Online Coagulant Dosage Analysis and Control System(Model : CAST)

    ■ Principle : Streaming potential analysis and titration.

    ■ Optimal coagulant/polymer dosage analysis and chemical pump control.
    ■ Integrated dosing system with high accuracy.
    ■ Regular backwashing of screen. Immediate cleaning of cell & sampling line after measurement.
    ■ Outputs for coagulant dosing rate & self-diagnostic alarm : RS485, & 4~20mA
    ■ Operator can monitor CAST operation status at the control room using provided protocol.(Option)
    ■ Automatic sampling and rinsing system.
    ■ Automatic cleaning system for measuring cell, piston and sample line.

        ; User-adjustable cleaning time and cycle.
    ■ User selectable titration parameter setup. 

    ■ CAST Online Operation Program

      • Real-time Control and Data Monitoring
      • Yearly, Monthly, Daily Data Storage
      • The user can load data file in Excel.
      • Operation Status Display
      • Error and Troubleshooting Display.
      • Communication to DCS : RTU RS485 and 4-20mA for chemical dosing control (Option)
      • Output for alarm : RTU RS485 or 4-20mA
         Range : RTU RS485 or 4~12mA(Yellow Alarm) & 12~20mA(Red Alarm)
    ■ Self-Diagnostic System
    - Alarm and Warning for sample supply shortage, low water pressure, low air pressure, titrant shortage, cleaning solution shortage, coagulant demand upper/lower limit, no memory, regular cleaning time and measuring cell condition.

    ■ Polymer dosage determination in sludge dewatering process
    ■ Polymer dosage is proportional to colloidal charges in sludge
    ■ Automatic polymer dosage control depending on the sludge charge characterization
    ■ Online control of polymer dosage up to 4 dewatering machines using a single CAST
    ■ Auto cleaning after each measurement
    ■ Very low maintenance
    ■ Very efficient for target moisture content control of sludge cake
    ■ Applications : Water treatment process, T-P removal process, sludge dewatering process, and membrane pretreatment process





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      South Korea South Korea
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      Won Kyong Kim

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      B-40&402, 401Yangcheonro , Gangseo-gu, Seoul, KOREA

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      Other Measuring & Gauging

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      Sam Bo Scientific Co., Ltd. was established in 1983 as the manufactuer of instruments used in water treatment process such as Online Coagulant Dosage Analysis and Control System(CAST) and Floc Size Analyzer(FSA-2002) etc. 

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      • China China
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      • Online Coagulant Dosage Analysis and Control System _CAST_

        Online Charge Analysis System Titrator(CAST)

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