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FlipCase International, LLC

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Product name Stand Up Abs® Total Body Workout Certification -
Category Fitness & Body Building
Martial Arts
Weight Lifting
Other Indoor Sports Products
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"get off the floor to train your core"® with Stand Up Abs®  


We all know the core area is a problem area for most people with muscle weakness and pain. 




One reason is because we sit too much - in front of computer screens, TVs, in cars, planes and trains. 


So, how do we fix this? 


You have to train and strengthen the core, of course - but traditional core training is done on the floor and who wants to do that? The floor is dirty, it’s tough to get down there and even tougher to get back up. 




Everything you need for an effective core AND total body workout is in the convenient carrying bag. You get 2 high quality ankle straps that are cushioned for comfort. They go on easily and each have a stirrup, so once you put them on, they stay in place, they don’t ride up. 


You get 4 resistance bands so you can increase your intensity over time, each band is covered with a fabric sleeve so if you have an allergy to latex, you won‘t have any skin issues while using Stand Up Abs®. 


You get 2 commercial grade, cushioned handles to use for upper body exercises.  They heavy duty with metal clips and with a comfortable grip.


You also get an instructional DVD with a 5 minute workout and you'll learn core exercises like: the side crunch, front pike crunch and the woodchopper. 


Also, you get a full-color instructional User Manual that covers a multitude of total body exercises.


And ladies, with Stand Up Abs™, you can target the problem area called "BHT", butt, hips and thighs: tone, shape, lift, and firm by doing rear extensions, side extensions, and front extensions. 


Add this piece of equipment to practically any standing exercise program to increase the intensity - think of adding Stand Up Abs® to Zumba or any kick-boxing class.  


Stand Up Abs® is portable, pack it and take it anywhere, do it anywhere; it’s easy to use; anyone can use Stand Up Abs®; And, it WORKS. If you use Stand Up Abs® on a regular basis, you will see improvement in strength, balance, stability and flexibility in your core and lower body.  


Use Stand Up Abs® for "combination training" - doing resistance and cardio at the same time for a quick and effective workout!  Burn more calories and get faster results!


So what are you waiting for: "get up off the floor to train your core"® with Stand Up Abs®.







High Quality Construction - no plastic parts - two ankle straps, two resistance bands, DVD, carrying bag.


Great for all fitness levels and to use with any fitness routines


Comfortable ankle straps are cushioned and have stirrups so they won't ride up


Fabric-covered bands for skin protection from allergies and irritation


Lightweight, portable, packable - take with you anywhere - weighs less than a pound


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FlipCase International, LLC

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U.S.A U.S.A /
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Kevin Mitchell
3807 Norwood Avenue, Downingtown, PA 19335 USA
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Laptop Bags,Other Consumer Electronics
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FlipCase International, LLC, manufactures patented laptop and tablet carrying cases that offer a new and better way to carry and use laptops and tablets.  FlipCases have a unique hinge system that opens to create a suspended workstation while standing to enable "stand and type" and "stand and swipe" capabilities.  FlipCases can also be used while seated, and users can work right from the case.  Laptops and tablets never have to be removed from a FlipCase.  FlipCase for tablets can be strapped around any headrest in a car, plane or train for easy tablet content viewing.  

FlipCase is great for academic, institutional, industrial, and medical applications also for general commuters. 

FlipCases are easy to use, lightweight and very convenient.  FlipCases offer a great new way of carrying and using laptops and tablets while on the go.   


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