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Human cremator

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DFW 6000
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DFW Europe | Cremation Equipment

Country / Year Established
Netherland Netherland / 1980
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Product name Human cremator Certification -
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Keyword cremator , incinarator , human cremator for sell , human cremator Unit Size 2.3 * 3.1 * 4.2 m
Brand name DFW 6000 Unit Weigh 17500 kg
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Product Information

DFW Europe cremation equipment and the DFW 6000 human cremator. This is the best cremator in the world. This cremation machine is the best because it has the most innovative design and high energy efficiency, easy to operate by a crematorium employee.


The human cremator

The human cremator from DFW Europe is the most innovative cremation furnace worldwide. This human cremation oven is developed for a long life-cycle between 10 and 15 years. And has the best components to build this cremation machine with. As it is the heaviest cremator available for the cremation industry. You could say it's the best cremator for a crematorium.  


Revolutionary human cremator
The DFW 6000 Cremator is an extremely compact cremator and the most commonly used of the entire DFW range. The gas consumption of the DFW 6000 has been reduced to a minimum by locating the post-combustion chamber around the cremation chamber. The DFW 6000 cremator is a hot heated cremator that can be supplied as a ‘single-end’ or ‘double-end’ version. This cremator is ideal for crematoria with an annual capacity of more than 800 cremations. In order to reduce installation time, the cremator is supplied fully assembled. 


Automatic charging bier for easy coffin import
The DFW 6000 is a hot-start cremator and to ensure the safety of the operator it is supplied with a fully automatic, integrated Charging Bier (AIM). The DFW 6000 is designed so that the AIM can be fully housed within the cremator. This means the AIM can be entirely withdrawn from view when it is not being used
(see Automatic Charging Bier leaflet). 


Human cremator and easy operations
The unique DFW Europe OMR (Operation, Monitoring and Reporting) operating system makes it extremely easy to operate the cremator and any filter systems subsequently incorporated as well as the AIM. The AIM can be activated and the coffin automatically transferred by a few simple actions on the touch-screen. The cremation process can then start. These actions are stored in the system and displayed on the touch-screen. Any adjustments in the parameters of the cremation process can easily be made using the same touch-screen. We can also assist you remotely via a modem connection should any adjustments need to be made in the cremation process. 


Ash unit within DFW 6000 cremator
An adjustable pull-out system brings the ash unit into an ergonomically safe position. This has made it considerably easier for operators to remove the ash container. The ease with which the operator can operate the human cremator has now become an essential requirement within a crematory. 


Economical use of the DFW 6000 cremator
The extremely reliable continuous measurement of oxygen, temperatures and any vacuum effect results in a constant process of cremation. As a result gas consumption with the DFW 6000 is minimised making it extremely economical. The controlled cremation process keeps maintenance costs to a minimum. High quality, low investment costs and good efficient performance, in respect of gas consumption, make the DFW 6000 the right choice.


Download technical cremator information  

Download your leaflet from our DFW 6000 cremator for more technical specs. 

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DFW Europe | Cremation Equipment

Country / Year Established
Netherland Netherland / 1980
Business type


J. Keeman
Dulleweg 43, 1721 PM, Broek op Langedijk, Noord Holland, The Netherlands
Product Category
Funeral Supplies
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Company introduction
<p>DFW Europe is a worldwide leading manufacturer of cremation equipment.


As cremation equipment manufacturer we have the most innovative cremation equipment available for the cremation industry. We like to do business with local crematoria in Korea / Asia. As the European environmental legislation has very stricked rules and don't allow to have high cremation emissions. Europe has the lowest emission rates for cremations in the world. There for DFW Europe is capable with it's cremation filter system to have nearly zero emissions. As most innovative manufacturer of cremation equipment we like to share our knowledge with the rest of the world, as our mission is green energy efficient cremations. 


Human cremators

DFW Europe develops two different human cremators. One is a cold heated cremator DFW 4000 and one hot heated cremator DFW 6000. These human cremators both are specially manufactured for crematoria to have a high energy efficiency. The hot heated cremator is the best cremator worldwide. Low fuel consumption and high energy efficiency are the unique selling points of this cremation machine.


Pet cremator

DFW Europe has one pet cremator, specially developed for pet crematory that want to have a high efficient pet cremation machine. This pet cremator is called the DFW 100 and can cremate 100 Kg per hour.


Cremation solutions

DFW Europe has not only the most innovative cremation equipment for sale. We just have the best cremation solutions for every crematory. Our crematorium consultants go the extra mile when it comes to make a high return on investment. Together with ESCo energy service company we can make your crematory a smooth energy efficient operation.


Cremation products

DFW Europe has several advanced cremation products, take for example the cremulator (ash processor), remains processing table, remains fridge, cremator cleaning tools and our cremation software. To be complete DFW Europe is the business that is a one stop shop for crematoria worldwide. 

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