Cindella White Injection

Cindella White Injection

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glutathione, vitamin c, whitening, antiaging skin care,
Facial Care , Pharmaceuticals , Pharmaceutical Chemicals , I.V Equipments
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Mediable Co., Ltd.

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Jan 20, 2023
Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2016
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Product name Cindella White Injection Certification -
Category Facial Care
Pharmaceutical Chemicals
I.V Equipments
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Product Information

1. Package:
 10 vials Glutathione for Injection (600mg /1200mg)
 10 vials Vitamin C injection 20ml
 10 ampoules alpha lipoic acid 5ml
2. What is Cinderella Skin Whitening Set?
Cinderella Injection is called, baby face injection and is comprise of the main ingredient of alpha-lipoic acid, which move both inside and outside the cell to eradicate active oxygen, help antioxidant to as strength antioxidant.

Improving action of antioxidant as Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Coenzyme Q, Glutathione.
It has 400 times more antioxidant than Vitamin C,E and restrain harmful oxygen.
[What is the active oxygen ?]
Active oxygen in the body is unstable state. To find stable structure, attack cells in body. It cause aging and many diseases. Antioxidant makes this unstable to stable.
[ Role of Alpha-lipoic acid in body]
– Metabolic activity of Glucose : Promoting Energy product
– Lypolisis : effect of diet ( resolving fat, appetite suppressant)
– Antioxidant. : Alpha-lipoic acid helps active oxygen goes normal range Proper type
3. Effect and Function of Korean Cinderella

Cindella Injection to :

  • Who wants elasticity of skin 
  • Who wants to improve immunity
  • Who wants anti-aging
  • Who suffer from swollen
  • Characteristics of Cinderella Injection

  • Who wants elasticity of skin 
  • Who wants to improve immunity
  • Who wants anti-aging
  • Who suffer from swollen
  • Characteristics of Cinderella Injection

    • Short duration within 30mins for injection  
    • No need recovery period
    • The injection can have excellent effect with dietary therapy, exercise.
    • This injection can be performed alongside other procedure.

    Highly suggested if you want to have
    • Brightening skin color as injection tones up the entire face
    • Increase skin elasticity and decrease wrinkles
    • Feeling less exhausted after daily activity
    • Activate fat resolving and effectively reduce body fat
    • Regulation of blood glucose causing effects on geriatric diseases

    Why Need Cinderella Injection

    Restrain Protein Saccharification:This injection suppresses proteins when they convert into sugar and become toxic substances which block capillary.
    Increase in Antioxidant activity:R-Alpha Lipoic Acid is endogenous to our cells, however it is only made in limited quantities and this supply decreases as we age. Dietary supplementation is crucial to maximize its effect on our health, especially as we age.

    Effects on Cinderella Injection

    • Anti-obesity Effects
    • Heal edema and cold constitution
    • Reduce fatty liver
    • Appetite suppressant Effects

    • Increase glutathione production
    • Cure chronic fatigue
    • Detoxification effects on heavy metals Skin Improvements  
    • Whitening effects
    • Elasticity improvements
    • Flawless skin tone

    EFFECTS OF INJECTION- Luthione + Cindella + Vitamin C

    - Lighter Complexion & pigmentation
    - Anti Oxidants
    - Even Skin Complexion
    - Anti Pigmentation/Freckles
    - Anti Black Spot/Age Spot
    - Suppresses the formation of acne/blemish/pimples
    - Minimize pores and improves skin complexion

    Cell Repair
    - Healing Wounds and Scar
    - Stimulates Collagen
    - Detoxifies in liver

    Anti Aging
    - Enhances The Production of Bloods
    - Recover Injuries and Tissue Damages
    - Smooth fine lines and wrinkles
    - Enhance immunity, sleep stability
    - Smooth SkinLifting & Firming
    - Repair Loose and Sagging Skin
    - Firmer and Lifted Skin
    - Improve Skin Strength and Elasticity

    Once a week , 10 times for a course of treatment.
    Maintenance course: Once in 2 weeks – Once in a month

    This product is administered by intravenously (IV)
    ONLY 1 vial of Luthione, 1 ampoule of Cindella and 1 vial of Vitamin C -mix with 100ml of saline water and administer by I.V


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    Mediable Co., Ltd.

    Country / Year Established
    South Korea South Korea / 2016
    Recent Visit
    Jan 20, 2023
    Business type
    Trading Company


    Steven Kim
    #514, 32, Migeumil-ro 90beon-gil , Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
    Product Category
    Beauty Equipment,Facial Care,Other Personal Care,Surgical Equipment
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    Company introduction

    We, MEDiable Co., Ltd., are a Korea based exporting company specialized in supplying high-quality Korean Aesthetic products in a variety of;


    - PDO/PCL/PLLA Lifting Threads (CE Certified)

    - HA, PCL Dermal Fillers

    - Korean Botox

    - Mesotherapy (Skin booster, Whitening Solution)

    - Lipolysis Solution (PPC, DCA)

    - Post Procedure Products (Soothing Masks)

    - Pharmaceuticals Goods

    - Cosmetics for Professional Use

    - Aesthetic devices

    - and many more (please send us your inquiries)

    We do supply 100% authentic goods only and serve the fastest worldwide direct shipping from Korea. 


    We are currently exporting to over 50 countries in globe and are ready to offer our valued clients with the most competitive prices and the fastest & safest delivery services no matter where you are. Our company's first priority is customer satisfaction that will lead long term business relationship based on mutual credibillity.

    We standby here to support you at our utmost effort for 24/7 everyday. Please leave us your email/whatsapp number in your inquries for us to contact you immediately. You can reach us by email or on whatsapp +821064517091 at your convenience.

    Please join us and become our valued client being served very best by MEDiable, Korea. Thanks.

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