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5 MAGO technology

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     SNOOPER is an innovative and exclusive solution for detecting a hidden metal object inside a pocket, or bags without body check of the visitors. The system can also detect the concealed metalic device such as a dagger, guns and rifles those made of ferrous material at a long distance away. Conventional metal detector can detect metal only at a few centimeters away, but the leading edge technology of MAGO Corporation enabled SNOOPER to detect a rifle from 2 meters away.  


    SNOOPER is the micro version of MAD (Magnetic Anomaly Detector) sensor which used for detecting submarine under the sea for military purpose. The basic working principle of SNOOPER is to detect a small magnetic purturbation that generated by an iron object passing nearby. SNOOPER can catch the ultra small changes of magnetic field that generated by the movement of a metallic object. SNOOPER was originally developed for military purposes, but it also has many applications of securities, such as a school entrance, airports, VIP scans,etc. 


    MAGO technology developed the public version of SNOOPER that can be easily installed inside a building named as SNOOPER-DP system. SNOOPER-DP system consist of 2 SNOOPER sensor and a state-of-the-art digital signal processing controller. The system is an innovative solution for detecting CONCEALED metal device such as rifles and daggers those made of ferrous materials inside backpacks or inner pockets. 

    The system is perfect for installing inside a building or indoor meeting place, it has a special hybrid structure to cancel out the movement of a magnetic disturbance out of moving elevators or iron doors. The system only detects the iron movement between two SNOOPER sensors. 


    SNOOPER-DP sensor is designed for being installed on a standard barrier pole and can easily be connected to the user’s conventional security system by a standard Ethernet LAN. 


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    5 MAGO technology

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      South Korea South Korea
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      Han Kim

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      Nonhyun-dong , Gangnam-gu, Seoul, KOREA

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      Other Security & Protection Products

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    • Company introduction

      MAGO technology is the innovative sensor company that based on magnetic and precision analog-digital hybrid technology. Our major products of electromagnetic technology are CARDET (vehicle detection sensor) and SNOOPER (micro MAD sensor, long distance metal detector).


      Electromagnetic car detector - CARDET is now widely used for detecting vehicles with the easiest way, and long distance metal detector – SNOOPER is the world best product of micro sized precision magnetic sensor for using in anti-terror and stealth metal detecting security check system that do not need the body check process.


      We always get better and make the world better, thanks.



      Han Kim.


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      • Long Distance Metal Detector

        SNOOPER, Long Distance Metal Detector, Stealth metaldetector

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