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Han Q Cup Toppoki

By Han Q Toppoki

Agriculture & Food   > Instant Food
fast food , korean traditional food , rice cake , spicy food
Place of Origin
South Korea

10.5 * 8.0 * 0.0 cm
140 g

1 DNL Co Ltd


Country South Korea South Korea

Supplier Grade level3

Response Rate 40%

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Product Information

Since BongChu Food System Co., Ltd. opened its first restaurant in 2000, serving Andong Jjim Dak Andong style braised spicy chicken with vegetables, the enterprise has grown into a major chicken dish franchise chain with 186 restaurants across the world.BongChu Food System is continuously developing Korean culinary tradition and flavor that fits the tastes of modern Korean people and global consumers. As part of these efforts, BongChu Food System is engaged in producing Korean sauces including toppoki seasoning and kimchi seasoning under its HAN-Q brand name.



Han Q Toppoki allows for fast cooking with water, rice cake and toppoki materials only, and it is convenient to store because of its form of powder. You can enjoy our product within 3 min. without the hassle of cooking. Just fill up hot water and microwave it for 2min ~2min 30sec. Shelf life is about 8 months at room temperature.



ISO 9001:2008

Halal Certification