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Andrew high precision machinery co.,ltd

Country / Year Established
China China / 2000
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Product name Medical dental saliva ejector tube making machine Certification -
Category Plastic & Rubber Machinery
Other Dental Equipment
Plastic Product Making Machinery
Plastic & Rubber Machinery Parts
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Keyword dental products , dental saliva ejector , dental saliva ejector machine , dental making machine Unit Size 2.0 * 1.55 * 11.0 m
Brand name - Unit Weigh 1800 kg
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Product Information




A. Main Application:

This medical dental saliva ejector extruder machine is mainly used for normal PVC dental saliva ejector tube producing in clean workshop, 40kg/h max capacity, 150-200pcs/min normally, the fastest and most stable speed in China, +-0.05mm normally for dental saliva tube size tolerance controlling, the most stable and highest precision medical dental saliva ejector making machine in China.


B. Producing Process: 

Ø High efficient iron wire unreeling and straightening devicesHigh precise and efficient 50mm single screw extruder→high precise quick changing style medical dental saliva tube T type extrusion mould complete set→6M High efficient stainless steel water cooling and calibrating tank→Auto high speed belt type haul-off puller→Auto high precise and efficient Japan Mitsubishi PLC Controlling fixed-length cutting unit with Taiwan EVIEW LCD touch screen


C. Main Parameters(Data Sheet):

Main Parameters(Data sheet)

High efficient iron wire unwheeling and straightening devices

High efficient type

High precise Φ50mm single screw extruder

SJ50 model, Japan OMRON temperature controller, French Schneider contactor, 11KW driving motor

High precise quick changing style medical dental saliva tube T type extrusion mould complete set

Stainless mould-steel mould head and die, latest designed T type quick changing style, polished carefully and precisely, no dead angle in the whole flow channel which is specially for extruding medical soft PVC material

High precise stainless steel water cooling and calibrating tank

L=6000mm, 3D adjustable water tank frame for left&right&height adjusting, tube quick blow drying unit

Auto high speed belt type haul-off puller

H300 model, High quality PU V type belt, Japan Mitsubishi transducer controlled by cutting unit PLC, 0-90M/min adjustable

Auto high precise and efficient Japan Mitsubishi PLC Controlling fixed-length cutting unit with EVIEW LCD touch screen 

SZC-02B model, Japan Mitsubishi PLC Controlling cystem, high speed steel material for cutting blade, tube cutting length precision: ±1mm when total length is less than 400mm, the highest precision in China

Extrusion Capacity(Output) and drainage tube size tolerance

40kg/h max, 150-200pcs/min normally, the fastest and most stable speed in China, +-0.05mm for dental saliva tube size tolerance controlling

Occupied Area




Installed power

20KW, 12KW for normal working power


380V/3P/50HZ, 220V/1P/50HZ normally, based on customer’s order

Suitable Material

Medical grade soft PVC, etc

Manufacturing time

60 working days normally


about 1 set of 20ft container



D. FAQ of our medical dental saliva ejector tube extruder machine line:

D1. It's the latest design and no dead angle in the whole flow channel of the mould(90 degree). Stainless steel for the mould material, which means stronger anti-rust&anti-corrosion function and longer service life.


D2. For our extruder machine, there is no need for your workers to clean the extruder everytime when the extruder is turn off, what you need to do is to clean the mould head&die only. It's much easier and time-saving.


D3. When the wire is finished during producing process, you have to stop our extruder machine, but only less than 10 mins, to insert the wire into the mould and then everything is normal for producing, that means with our professional medical dental saliva ejector tube extruder making machine, there is almost no side-effection for your producing when the wire is finished.


---Generally speaking, we will ask you to send your 1-2 engineers to come to our factory for machine inspecting and learning completely before the machine shipping. We will also send our appointed engineer to your factory for installing and guiding on site if your workers still can not operate it.


D4. Please kindly note that our machine produce out the dental saliva ejector tube with the iron wire completely, only except the end tip part.


D5. The total length of our production line is around 11M, 2T weight, 150-200pcs/min for stable producing speed, the highest stable speed in China. We also let you have 11KW Siemens brand driving motor, Japan Omron temperature controller and French Schneider contactor, all are world famous brand electrical components for your main extruder machine.



E. Packing and Shipping Photos:




F. Our Certificates:



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Andrew high precision machinery co.,ltd

Country / Year Established
China China / 2000
Business type


Xin an industrial zone, hengshanqiao town, wujin district, Changzhou/Guangzhou city, China
Product Category
I.V Equipments,Plastic & Rubber Machinery,Plastic Product Making Machinery
Year Established
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Company introduction


Our History

Our extruder factory has been eatablished for near 18 years since 2000. We are focused on developping and designing the most precision, highest stable and top professional medical and industrial extruder machine line system these years. Multi-type extruders adopt world famous AC frequency converter with free maintenance function, optional Japan Mitsubishi servo motor, Japan OMRON temperature controller, German Siemens PLC controlling system with Siemens human-computer interface, laser type tube OD detecting gauge with advanced closed loop function, etc. Compact structure, easy operation, extensive capacity and applicable to various plastic material and different application. The just right price of our precision extrusion equipment is formed from continuous designing and standard modular manufacturing. Our strict production standards and precise parameters controlling system guarantee the highest precision, most stable and top professional medical and industrial extruder machine equipment in China.


We keep up with the high pace of times these years. The first-grade quality and highest priority of stability is the fundamental of living and developing of our company. We persist in pursuing being outstanding, striving for excellent, executing to production based on high requirement of industrial standards in China, which help us get through ISO and CE certification successfully. 

With wide business connection and cooperation all over the China in last 18 years, we can also support our global customers to purchase all the related medical equipment, high class and high quality medical products with just right best price. Welcome to contact us by anytime. We will serve you with our heart and soul!


Our Factory

Total about 5000 M2. Please check following layout drawing for your better understanding: of our history.jpg of our history.jpg of our history.jpg of our history.jpg


Our Product

We are the most professional medical Turn-key producing project supplier in China. We could let you have the top tolerance of +-0.02-0.05mm for all different kinds of medical tube and industrial pipe hose diameter producing, which is also the same standard and machine quality as Europe and USA, but with much lower selling price. We also support our customer to find the just right best price for all other related medical equipment and medical products based on our last 18 years wide business connection in China. The following are our main products:

QQ截图20170808145007.jpgMedical PVC PU PE PP PS FEP PFA PTFE Teflon TPE TPU TPV EVA Silicone catheter tube extruder machine line

QQ截图20170808145007.jpgMedical breathing circuits making machine line

QQ截图20170808145007.jpgMedical IV tube set, catheter tube set, disposable syringe, medical IV chamber, medical sucker assembly machine

QQ截图20170808145007.jpgPrecision coated braided reinforced hose pipe extruder machine line

QQ截图20170808145007.jpgPrecision automobile hose pipe extruder machine line

QQ截图20170808145007.jpgPrecision corrugated spiral hose pipe extruder machine line

QQ截图20170808145007.jpgPrecision sealing strip gasket profile extruder machine line

QQ截图20170808145007.jpgPrecision PE PP ABS PLA TPU PA PVC filament extruder machine line

QQ截图20170808145007.jpgPrecision PVC PE PP PS ABS PC PMMA EVA CA EVA PET TPU TPR POM plastic sheet and coated sheet extruder machine line

QQ截图20170808145007.jpgPrecision laboratory extruder

QQ截图20170808145007.jpgPrecision plastic pellet extruder machine

QQ截图20170808145007.jpgMedical urine bag feeding bag high frequency welding machine

QQ截图20170808145007.jpgMedical syringe, capsule pill tablet catheter tube set blister thermoforming packing machine

QQ截图20170808145007.jpgMedical PE pouch bag packing machine

QQ截图20170808145007.jpgMedical weighing filling capping labeling boxing cartoning machine

QQ截图20170808145007.jpgSilicone latex foley catheter feeding suction anesthesia tube set series

QQ截图20170808145007.jpgOther medical silicone products

QQ截图20170808145007.jpgTracheal cannula series

QQ截图20170808145007.jpgLaryngeal mask airway series

QQ截图20170808145007.jpgOxygen mask Anaethesia mask Air cushion mask series

QQ截图20170808145007.jpgMedical urine bag, blood bag, infusion bag, feeding bag series

QQ截图20170808145007.jpgMedical operating table series

QQ截图20170808145007.jpgElectric parturition obstetric delivery bed series

QQ截图20170808145007.jpgOperating shadowless lamp series

QQ截图20170808145007.jpgGauze bandage elastic bandage adhesive bandage series

Product Application

All different kinds of high precision medical soft tube set extrusion producing project, and medical blood bag, urine bag, IV bag extrusion producing project; All different kinds of high precision industrial hose, pipe, sealing strip profile and plastic sheet extrusion producing project; medical tube, syringe, capsule, pill or tablet product blister thermoforming packing and PE pouch bag packing project; All different kinds of medical IV tube set catheter tube set medical sucker automatic assembling project; All different kinds of high class medical disposable product for hospital and clinic, etc. 


Our Certificate

We have passed ISO and CE certificates for our machine, showed as following:


Production Equipment

CNC series machine and world famous electrial components for our machine, showed as following:

production equipment-02.jpg


Production Market

Our present main market is Africa, Middle East, Russia, Turkey, Europe, India, Asia, South America, USA, etc. 


Our Service

QQ截图20170808145457.jpgWe warmly welcome you to visit our factory and check our running machine on site first, make everything clear enough during face to face meeting process before signing contract.

QQ截图20170808145457.jpgWe will keep you updated and send you the producing photos each month until machine is completed. During final testing process, we will send you the complete producing video for your checking first and later send you product samples for your final confirming. After samples agreed, you can send your engineer to come and check your running machine on site, he can also learn how to operate completely, 2 days max. All necessary videos can be recorded.

QQ截图20170808145457.jpgWhen the machine arrived to your factory, your engineer can try to install, connect and operate it by themselves first. Based on same international rule for machine installing, if your engineer is unable to do these jobs, based on our contract, we will send one of our engineer to your factory for installing, operating and teaching them on site. What you need to bear is round-ticket, food, hotel, and pay allowance USD100 per day for our engineer, 7 days max normally. Of cause we will also try to send you the operating video and guiding manual through on line or email if we have before engineer sent out to you. 

Main Markets

Bangladesh Bangladesh

Indonesia Indonesia

India India

South Korea South Korea

Kazakhstan Kazakhstan

Malaysia Malaysia

Thailand Thailand

Uzbekistan Uzbekistan

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