Portable Compact hydrogen water tumbler BlueWater 900S

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Blue Water 900S
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alkaline, health, hydrogen, ionizer,
Catalyst & Chemical Auxiliaries , Health Care Supplement , Water Dispensers & Purifiers , Water Softeners


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Dec 06, 2022
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South Korea South Korea / 2015
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Product name Portable Compact hydrogen water tumbler BlueWater 900S Certification -
Category Catalyst & Chemical Auxiliaries
Health Care Supplement
Water Dispensers & Purifiers
Water Softeners
Ingredients -
Keyword alkaline , health , hydrogen , ionizer Unit Size 75.0 * 195.0 * 65.0 mm
Brand name Blue Water 900S Unit Weigh 350 g
origin South Korea Stock -
Supply type - HS code 8543801090

Product Information


Do you still drink purified water?

Start drinking hydrogen water for your health!!




[ Key Function ]


- Portable compact hydrogen water tumbler

- Support four language voices (Korean, English, Chinese, Japanese)

- Dimension : 195(H) * 75(D1) * 65(D2)mm

- Weight : 350g

- Up to 1200ppb hydrogen concentration

- 200mV to -400mV ORP charge

- At least 30 times over use from one full charge 

- Made in KOREA, we are original manufacturer



PEM(Proton exchange membrane)

• Separate oxygen and hydrogen perfectly

• Bluewater900’s PEM can provide pure hydrogen water      



High performance dissolved hydrogen

• Can make high dissolved hydrogen, up to 1200ppb


Pure Hydrogen water

• Hydrogen water eliminates free oxygen radicals and      

  prevent cell damage.

• Can drink pure hydrogen water, Oxygen ion is

  exhausted to outside


PET diverter included with charger

 Can bring it anywhere anytime


Platinum + Titanium Electrode

• Totally safe with Platinum + Titanium Electrode


Mineral / Purified / RO water available



 Lithium Polymer battery

 • 1time fully charging = 40 times usage


Smart functions

Front LED, Support four languages(Korea, English, Chines, Japanese)



[ Benefits ]


1. Convenience : Portable & Convenient button for quick creation of hydrogen water.

2. Health : It removes harmful oxygen free radical and hydrate the body.

3. Economical : It can be used semi-permanently.

4. Gender for bottled water : With the gender, you can enjoy hydrogen water anytime, anywhere by connecting any kind of bottled water being sold at shop.



[ Characteristics of hydrogen water ]


- Eliminates free oxygen radicals and prevent cell damage - Hydrogen is the most powerful and effective anti-oxidant.

- As water particles are very small, their absorption rate is very high.

- Rich mineral catalysts and active hydrogen ion(H-)

- Micro-clustered, hexagonal water - vitalising the water clusters



[ Use of hydrogen water ]


- Students, IT people, office workers who want to relieve the feeling of fatigue.

- Persons who want to relieve hangovers.

- For recovery from strenuous exercise such as mountain climbing, running, cycling, golfing, hot yoga etc.

- Support and recovery from long distance driving or travelling and to overcome the effects of jet-lag.

- Persons who need to boost the immune function.




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Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2015
Recent Visit
Dec 06, 2022
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Yong hwan, Kim
Jijeong-myeon, Wonyang 2-ro,315, Wonju-si, Gangwon-do, Korea
Product Category
Dental Flosser,Mineral Water,Other Health Care Products,Water Dispensers & Purifiers,Water Softeners
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Company introduction

H&CARE Co., Ltd is a company that always grow with customer, and 

we do our best to produce and develop the products which client wants. 


To achieve our goal that provide clean and healthy water to every world, H&CARE will forward a step not only based in Korea,

also expanding oversea ny focusing on our specilty and technology. 


Main Markets

Indonesia Indonesia

Japan Japan

Philippines Philippines

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