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Access Control system with video mixed type approved

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access control system
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Main products Access Control system with video mixed type approved

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Access Control system with video mixed type approved by

hierarchical manager based on ICT convergence technology 



1. Specification
- Video Surveillance: 64ch recording (Infinite 64ch extension available)
- Access Control System: 999 doors control (Max.)
- ID card, fingerprint matching, Face recognition and Vascular Pattern Recognition
- System configuration: Ethernet, RS-485


2. Functions
A) Multi-factor authentication : Not only using ID card or finger print as 1st level of access permission, also using administrator’s mobile device (ex. smart phone) for 2nd approval.
B) User can install the multi-factor authentication system temporally or permanently for few limited facilities (ex. high security level facility). It has convenience and security both for user.
c) Multi authorized administrators : Authority for access permission will be automatically transferred to 2nd administrator when 1st administrator is absent. 
D)  Consolidated video surveillance and access control system based on 3D spatial map under one security platform. 
E) Improved personal information protection with KTL mark certificate for S/W product (KTL 17-1001).
F) Real time video surveillance, constant video recording or when incident happened.
G) Log creation (DB) for main access events/incidents