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RunnTech 1 Axis Hall Sensing Joystick with 1 Momentary

By runntech

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pushbutton for finger position
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1 RunnTech Electronics (Changzhou) Corp.

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Product Information


Product configuration: RT600-T-1-01-HV4-HD13-BT1
  • RT600: RunnTech 600 series hall miniature joystick controller;
  • T: self-centering operation;
  • 1: single-axis control;
  • 01: Y or X axis movement;
  • HV4: input: 5V, output: 1.25V~2.5V~3.75V;
  • HD13-BT1: RunnTech joystick grip with 1 momentary push button on top;


RT600 series industrial Fingertip non-contact Hall effect joystick, ideal applications include: Medical imaging system, Measurement equipments, Automative control, Picture disposal devices, Move photography CCTV control system, Robotic operations, Optical instruments, Surveillance monitoring, Studio related apparatuses, Audio video editing equipments, Navigation syst