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RunnTech Hall Effect Sensor Joystick for Precision Multi-axe

By runntech

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precision multi-axes finger-positioning control
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1 RunnTech Electronics (Changzhou) Corp.

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Product Information


Product configuration: RT600-T-3-03-HV2-HD12
  • RT600: RunnTech RT600 series hall miniature joystick controller;
  • T: self-resetting operation;
  • 3: dual axis 360° free movement;
  • 03: 3 axes (X,Y,Z axes);
  • HV2: input: 5V, output: 0.5V~2.5V~4.5V;
  • HD12: RunnTech joystick grip handle model;

RT600 series industrial Fingertip non-contact Hall effect joystick, ideal applications include: Medical imaging system, Measurement equipments, Automative control, Picture disposal devices, Move photography CCTV control system, Robotic operations, Optical instruments, Surveillance monitoring, Studio related apparatuses, Audio video editing equipments, Navigation systems, Electromotive wheelchairs, Military equipment, Special vehicles, etc.