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     1. Feature Description 


    a.  This bottle allows to minimize exposure of liquid formula to air so that the nail polish will last as smooth as new until the last drop. 


    b.  Because this bottle is All-in-one, the possibility of spilling nail polish formula is nothing so users can use it very comfortably whenever they want to use it.  


    c.   Users can adjust the amount of formula according to their preference by pushing the button repeatedly. 


    d.  The button cannot be pushed when safety-lock feature is locked.


    e.  The applicability of this bottle is indeed various because various tips are available. 


    f.   Obtained patents from various jurisdictions such as Korea, US, China etc. 


    2. Material & Size 







    PA 6I6T

    Inner Vessel















    2. How To Use  


    This innovative design allows brush to be placed inside the bottle when not in use.  

    The brush automatically pops up with liquid formula when the button on top is pushed.     


    1. Remove the safety cap located at the bottom by unrolling.  


    2. Unlock the satety-lock feature located at the top by twisting. 


    3. Push the button to allow the brush to automatically pop up.    


    4. Gently apply the formula to the extent of users’ preference by pushing the button about 2 to 3 times.  


    5. Once finished, lock the safety-feature by twisting again.    


    6. Putting the safety cap back up by rolling.  


    We are very proud to announce


    Our Auto Nail Polish Bottle has been chosen to be part of the Cosmoprof Trends Report 2018 as Trend: Next Gen Applicator.


    Cosmoprof Trends is an online trend report compiled by the renowned global beauty trends agency BEAUTYSTREAMS.

    It showcases items selected before and during the fair, and expands on the latest beauty trends they represent.


    Therefore, our Auto Nail Polish Bottle will be showcased at Cosmoprof North America 2018(Cosmoprof Booth).





    You can find the relevant information about our product in Cosmoprof Trends Report on page 32 of the report.  







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    5 Taeyang Renew

    • Country

      South Korea South Korea
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    • President

      Lee Hyang Sook

    • Address

      #1001~1004 ,Gasan digital 1ro 24, Geumcheon gu, Seoul, Korea

    • Product Category

      Cosmetics Packaging,Makeup Brushes,Other Cosmetics Packaging

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    • Company introduction


      TaeYang Renew Inc. has been manufacturing the most innovative and advanced cosmetic brushes and containers and distributing them to the world through continuous research and development since its establishment in 1985.


      TaeYang Renew Inc. established manufacturing factory in China in 1999 and started working with world’s most famous brands in earnest. With the Auto Lip Brush as a main item, it continued to expand its market.


      In an effort to lead the world-beauty-market by sharing our innovative, creative yet still practical values to the customers throughout the world, TaeYang Renew Inc. established its Korean branch in 2016 and produces and distributes Pen-type nail polish containers and Shoulder button-type lip gloss containers all of which are produced by applying and reflecting fully patent-registered technologies.


      TaeYang Renew Inc. will continue to take the most innovative approaches with our own technologies for our customers in the world and will continue to lead the world-beauty-market.  Please keep supporting us! ​


    • Main Markets
      • China China
      • South Korea South Korea
      • U.S.A U.S.A
    • Main Product
      • Auto Nail Polish Container _ Pen Type

        Nail Polish Pen

      • Airless Cosmetic Dispenser _ Shoulder Button Type

        Airless Cosmetic Dispenser - Shoulder Button Type

      • Auto Make Up Brush

        Auto Make Up Brush

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