1st grade oxygen concentrator with competitive pricing

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oxygen concentrator, oxygen generation module, psa adsorbent, oxygen concentrator for industrial,
Water Treatment , Oxygen Concentrator , Air Purifiers , Aquaculture Equipment , HVAC Systems & Parts


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    Product name 1st grade oxygen concentrator with competitive pricing Certification -
    Category Water Treatment
    Oxygen Concentrator
    Air Purifiers
    Aquaculture Equipment
    HVAC Systems & Parts
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    First Grade Oxygen Concentrator Module

    Next Generation PSA Oxygen Generator





     1. Introducing oxygen concentrator unit, OXYUNIT

        - OXYUNIT is the base unit presented by JUVAIR, and it can also be used in combination with

           OXYPLE and OXYCOMBI.

         - When feed air of an at least 3.5bar is supplied, OXYUNIT generates 1.2m3/h(20Lpm) flow rate and

           93% oxygen.

         - Oxyunit is characterized by maintaining its performance in low feed air and low flow rate situations, 

            so it efficiently responds to various environments. 

         - Oxyunit can be used with your existing compressor or in combination with existing oxygen generators. 

            If sufficient feed is supplied, you can flexibly install it anywhere.


     2. Main Features 

       - Efficiency : Oxyunit features high energy efficiency compared to Twin Tower. (2 TOP) 
                         This is because it can be used in low pressure feed air and low flow rate situations.

        - Economy  : Oxyunit can also be used wherever there is a compressor, which can save you the cost of 

                         purchasing a separate compressor.

        - Convenience : Oxyunit can be used simultaneously with other equipment requiring compressed air. 

                           It is easy to apply because it uses low flow rate.

        - Flexibility : Oxyunit can be installed anywhere if enough feed air is supplied. 

                       In particular, it can be installed directly where oxygen needs to be supplied, 

                       which allows flexible oxygen supply anywhere.

    3. Application example




    (Oxyunit can be used simultaneously with other equipment that requires compressed air because it can be
    operated with low pressure. Oxygen can be supplied individually to each site that needs oxygen supply. Furthermore, it is possible to combine multiple Oxyunits to supply additional amounts of oxygen, depending on the characteristics of the site.)

    Application List

     - Aquaculture

     - Hospital Oxygen Supply

     - High Altitude Area

     - Animal Hospital

     - Ozone Generator

     - Wellness for healthcare

     - Glass Industry

     - Water Treatment

     - Air Purifier


    4. Powerful Functions

     - Everywhere control of oxygen concentrator unit, oxyunit

     - Oxyunit offers a wide range of control and monitoring solutions.
       With 6 controllers and monitoring devices, you can easily control and check the status anytime and anywhere.
       In particular, you can use a smartphone or the remote monitoring service of our head office. 




     - Easy Installation

     - Convenience in product installation is a very important point in an oxygen generator that occupies relatively  

       large volume due to the many parts.
       JuvAir’s OXYUNIT requires small installation area, and the HANGING BRACKET can maximize the flexibility of     the installation. It is light weight allows the OXYUNIT to be easily moved. 



     - Best Performance & Reliability

     - Reliability is built into the Oxyunit. OXYUNIT is equipped with components that endure extreme environments     while maintaining stable performance. Generally, the gas separator of an oxygen generator is vulnerable to       humidity, and as time passes, the performance is degraded. OXYUNIT overcomes all these difficulties. 




     - Convenience & safety 

     - Oxyunit is designed for user convenience and safety. 

        Intuitive user interface and controller facilitate easy control. 

        Precautions and alarms are included to ensure customer safety and product durability.








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    5 JUVAIR

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      South Korea South Korea
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      Su-Jung, Lee

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      Address: Room#2604(26F), 85, Gwangnaru-ro 56-gil, Gwangjin-gu, Seoul, 05116, Republic of Korea

    • Product Category

      Oxygen Concentrator,Other Respiratory Equipment

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    • Company introduction

      <p>- Philosophy 

      Since the company was established in 1999, JUVAIR has cultivated its status as a pioneer of oxygen technologies in Korea and overseas. we provide a wide range of technologies, products and services globally by harnessing our advanced technologies, the core of which encompasses oxygen technologies. 

      - Company Profile
      The company name 'JUVAIR' comes from English 'REJUVENATE AIR', which means that we always try to make our product used valuably in everywhere needs oxygen.

      - Vision
      In January of 2017, JUVAIR, a company specializing in the manufacture of oxygen generators, will launch Oxy-Series at the same time as the establishment of Chengdu JUVAIR Corporation. JUVAIR is aiming to become the top 5 oxygen generator manufacturer in the Chinese market, beyond its current status as the unchallenged leader in the Korean market. 

      It has 20 years of technological development and manufacturing history, and it holds 35 patents relating to oxygen generator core technologies. It also has FDA, CE MDD, ISO 13485 systems / product licenses, and a wide range of application technologies, holding the qualification of a global leader. 

      JUVAIR is looking for distributors and sales representatives who want to become a global leader with JUVAIR. JUVAIR promises its best supports such as marketing and sales support, technical consulting, installation /AS training and support, competitive pricing, product licensing support and so on.
      - JUVAIR Strengths
      Oxy-Series Product Line-up
      Oxy-Series that has the advantages distinguished from those of existing products is the biggest strength of JUVAIR. Innovative flexibility and economy are the most powerful devices of Oxy-Series.

      Sales support/Technical support
      We support distributors and sales representatives for their sales activities though differentiated pricing, and technical support, so they can win the competition with their competitors.

      Manufacturing Quality Follow-up Management
      If you are not satisfied with the manufacturing quality, we will reimburse you immediately. In addition, we will provide follow-up management to help you achieve customer satisfaction quickly, thus achieving sustainable sales.

      Online / Offline Marketing
      We have a team dedicated to on / offline marketing to promote Smart Oxy-Series, attract customers and enhance the brand value of JUVAIR.

      - JUVAIR Products


      This is JuvAir’s basic unit oxygen generating module.
      When external compressed air is applied, it generates 93% oxygen of 1.2m3 / h (= 20Lpm).With 5 performance detection sensors and water discharge process (patented), it ensures safety and durability.


      This is the flagship product of JuvAir. This is also called the 4th-generation Oxygen Generator. 
      Low pressure process saves up to 30% energy compared to Twin Tower products. 
      Multiple OxyUnits are controlled independently, allowing proportional control according to usage and sequential control according to usage time.


      OxyUnit and CompUnit are structured in a single system and independently generate 93% oxygen of 1.2m3 / h (= 20Lpm) without external compressed air.


      - Contact Us



      Becoming our Distributor of JuvAir?
      We definitely think that our success is based on a network of competent local partners in our key markets. Local representation by local professional partners increases customer's trust in both our products and our company.
      Therefore, we consider our agents and distributors as keystone of our commercial activities.
      We also would appreciate if you could forward us your contact details in case you are interested to become
      our agent or officially registered sponsor for the representation of our oxygen generation packages in your
      own country.
      We look forward to a successful future partnership with you!
      For any inquiries, please contact us at info@juvair.com



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      • OXUS Co., Ltd.
    • Main Product
      • First grade new oxygen concentrator module for industrial use, OXYUNIT

        1st grade oxygen concentrator with competitive pricing

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