7 inch USB Monitor (UM-760R)

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9 MultimediaLink Inc

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    USB Touchscreen Monitor / UM-760R




    Why do you need the MIMO UM-760R USB monitor?

    Mimo UM-760R USB monitor is a “Mobile Slider” Model
    UM-760R is a 7 inch USB monitor with the ultra-coolest form factor; slim, sleek, foldable and highly portable adding more
    useful desktop space with USB plug-n-play devices.
    The integrated base-stand protects the TFT LCD screen from scratches when closed and the screen can be rotated to
    display in landscape and or portrait modes.
    UM-760R weighs less than a pound and measures less than an inch thick when folded. All power and data provided by
    a single USB cord.

    Multi-Monitor Environment, Productivity improvement

    Adding a second or extended monitor to your computer increases your productivity and makes your workday easier by 10 ~ 50%. Multiple monitor solutions are giving us a productivity solution simply connecting MIMO USB monitor via 
    just USB port utilizing USB for both power and video input.
    No additional hardware such as video port, video cable, or power adapter required.

    Supports a variety of Applications as a second monitor

    ● Increasing productivity while using other main screens

    - Monitoring Outlook/Mail, viewing and editing word file

    ● Multi-Media Player to control entertainment

    - Watching Movies and Internet Video
    - Quick access to toolboxes for online gaming
    - Viewing Digital Photo Albums (PC based) 

    ● Messenger for Social Relationship

    - Instant Messenger, Internet Phone Applications
    - Skype, MSN, Google Chatting
    - Access to Facebook and MySpace to watch for friends
    - Keep your Twitter Client up all the time.

    ● Widget Station

    - Stock monitoring, Time, Weather, Memo, Viewing Calendars, exchanging rate, google news





    SpecificationTSP Model
    DisplayScreen Size7.0”Wide
    Display Colors16.7M
    Contrast Ratio700:1
    Response Time10msec
    Touch InputResistive Touchscreen Panel
    Video InputUSB 2.0
    ConnectorUSB Mini B
    PowerPower InputUSB Power (5V, 500mA)
    Power Consumption2.0 ~ 4.5W
    FeatureUI.PivotPivot (Landscape, Portrait)
    DimensionsProduct Dimension (opened)185(W) x 145(L) x 120(H)
    Product Dimension (folded)185(W) x 145(L) x 25(H)mm
    Shipment Dimension216(W) x 184(L) x 63(H)mm

    Special Viewing Feature : The Monitor Stand is removable and is interchangeable with the provided Easel Stand.

    PC System Requirements

    ▶ PC H/W Requirements
    - CPU : Intel Pentium / Celeron / AMD / K6 / Athlon / Duron 1.2GH or above
    - RAM : 512MB or above
    - USB : at least one or more USB 2.0 port
    - 30MB HDD space above
    ▶ Operating System
    - Window 8(64bit), Windows 8(32bit), Window 7(64bit), Windows 7(32bit),
       Windows XP(SP2 32bit), Windows 2000(SP4)
    - MAC OSX
    - Snow Leopard(32bit only), Leopard 10.5.6, Tiger 10.4.11








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    9 MultimediaLink Inc

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      South Korea South Korea
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      JaeHong Choi

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      #812, 19, Ojeongongeop-gil, Uiwang-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

    • Product Category

      Computer Hardware & Software,POS Systems

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    • Company introduction

      MultimediaLink Inc. was established in April, 2009. As a manufacturer of Touch screen technology Monitor, early 2000. MultimediaLink was the first USB mini touch screen monitor manufacturer who developed USB monitors using 4-Wire resistive touchscreens and capacitive touchscreens, which are the most widely used for almost any applications.


      MultimediaLink serves OEMs, and value-added resellers who need touch-enabled displays with their systems used in industrial and medical environment, POS system, banking, gaming and entertainment, transportation, public-access kiosks.


      MultimdiaLink is working closely with worldwide partners, sales representatives and distributors offering customers not only our USB touchscreen monitor with helping customers successfully implement standard touchscreen display or create custom solutions but also the best combination products variety. This mutual, beneficial, and trust-based partnerships between MultimediaLink and its' partners give our customers the end-benefits for the end-users in the form of increased technological innovation at comparative prices.

    • Main Markets
      • China China
      • Germany Germany
      • France France
      • U. Kingdom U. Kingdom
      • India India
      • Latvia Latvia
      • U.S.A U.S.A
      • Viet Nam Viet Nam
    • Factory Information
      • MultimediaLink Inc.
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