Hot Pressed Hexagonal BN Boron Nitride Ceramic Crucible

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Hot Pressed Hexagonal BN Boron Nitride Ceramic Crucible

Boron Nitride is an advanced technical ceramic material available in powder, liquid, solid, and aerosol spray forms. In its solid form, it is a chalky material with a microstructure very similar to that of graphite, causing it to sometimes be referred to as "white graphite". However, unlike graphite, BN is an excellent electrical insulator and does not require humidity to act as a lubricant.

Boron Nitride generally has poor mechanical properties, however, it generally has very high temperature heat capacity, excellent thermal conductivity, outstanding dielectric strength and easy machinability. In reducing and inert atmospheres, Boron Nitride is able to withstand temperatures in excess of 2,000°C, however, in an air atmosphere it cannot be used above 750°C. In solid form, Boron Nitride can be easily machined to very tight tolerances in almost any shape. After machining, it can be used without extra heat treatment or firing operations. BN comes in a variety of different grades in solid and powder form, all with slightly differing properties. However, all BN ceramics offer outstanding thermal properties and machinability.

Boron Nitride Properties:
- Excellent thermal shock resistance
- High electrical resistivity
- Low density
- High thermal conductivity
- Isotropic (thermal conductance is different in different planes)
- Corrosion resistant
- Good chemical inertness
- High temperature material
- Excellent lubricating properties – low coefficient of friction
- Non-wetting (without oxidization)
- High dielectric breakdown strength
- Excellent Machinability

Boron Nitride Applications:
- Break rings for continuous casting of metals
- Refractory applications
- Continuous casting
- Deck plates
- Heat treatment fixtures
- High temperature lubricant
- High temperature valves
- Molds/mold release agent
- Motel metals and glass casting
- Nozzles for transfer or atomization
- Laser Nozzles
- Nuclear Shielding
- Induction heating coil supports
- Spacers
- High-temperature & high-voltage electrical insulators
- Vacuum furnace supports which require electrical resistivity
- Crucibles and containers for high purity molten metals
- Radar components and antenna windows


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    China China
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    Thomas Yang

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    No.153 Yuehua Road, Huli District, Xiamen, China 361006

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    Industrial Supplies,Refractory,Electroceramics

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  • Company introduction

    <p>Background & Experience

    UNIPRETEC is in providing solutions to difficult problems using the most high-tech advanced ceramics precision components and products. We develop, manufacture and supply precision products which required hard wearing, lightweight, non-contaminating, with excellent chemical resistance, good thermal shock and offer enhanced electrical and thermal insulation properties.


    With many years of experience in research and development in advanced technical ceramic materials, process development, manufacturing of precision components and small assemblies for the various niche applications for the automotive, aerospace, oil & gas industries, foundries, industrials, food, medical, chemical etc. and also consulting & working with most advanced ceramics manufacturing companies around the world, we are now able to offer following services.

    - Design, research & development of materials

    - Material processes and manufacturing of precision components & assemblies

    - Manufacturer & supplier of quality precision components made from advance technical ceramics with reasonable price and excellent delivery

    - Consultation for product development, manufacturing & quality control

    - Business development 

    - Sales & Marketing.


    Advance engineering ceramic materials

    - Aluminium Oxide (Al2O3)

    - Zirconium Oxide (ZrO2)

    - Silicon Carbide (SiC, SiSiC)

    - High pressured & Hot pressed sintered Silicon Nitride (GPSN & HPSN)

    - Boron Carbide (B4C)

    - Aluminium Nitride (AlN)

    - Machinable Ceramics (Glass Ceramic & Boron Nitride)


    Main application areas and various components are as below:

    - High temperature applications (up to 2500’C)

    - RF (induction) heating application for various induction furnaces

    - Non-ferrous molten metal handling products and various molten metals’s pumping applications

    - Advanced gas pressured thermocouple & thermocouple sheaths for molten non-ferrous metals

    - Components for high wearing and bearing applications

    - Ball, rollers bearing & plain bearings from GPSN & YPZ-Zirconia ceramic materials

    - Jigs-fixtures and brazing fixtures for manufacturing processes

    - Mechanical seals for chemical pumps

    - Electrical insulating application

    - Chemical and process industries application wearing parts & liners

    - Ceramic cutting tools tips

    - Automotive-diesel engine components such as fuel pump needle, rods, rotor, cam followers (rollers), tappet shims etc

    - Copper pipe Extruding dies, metal tubes forming rollers, wire drawing dies etc.

    - Mud-Pump sleeves, pistons, balls and ball valves, seats & liners for pipes for oil, gas and nuclear applications.


    We welcome any opportunity related to above products from any one who are interested in for development or sourcing high tech ceramic components from us. If you need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us at our office or if you may need my visit for further detail discussion, please do not hesitate to contact me either.

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  • Main Product
    • Hot Pressed Hexagonal BN Boron Nitride Ceramic Crucible

      Hot Pressed Hexagonal BN Boron Nitride Ceramic Crucible

    • Hot Pressed Hexagonal BN Boron Nitride Rod

      Hot Pressed Hexagonal BN Boron Nitride Rod

    • Hot Pressed Hexagonal BN Boron Nitride Ceramic Tube

      Hexagonal Hot Pressed BN Boron Nitride Ceramic Tube

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